Saturday, 1 October 2016

Pictures and words from Indietracks 2016

This past summer marked 10 years of the Indietracks Festival.  RadioNowhere has had the pleasure and privilege of covering 7 of those 10 years.  The staff at the Midland Railway as well as the amazing organisation of Natalie, Andy and all at Team Indietracks have made it such brilliant event to bring to you over the years.  If you are regular listener to RadioNowhere you will no doubt know that it has been a painful struggle for our little station to remain on air.  We sadly are not able to deliver original programming in the frequency and regularity that we have done in the past.  Our thanks to those faithful few who have stayed tuned and stood by us.  Your support means more to us than any words could ever convey. 

This year we had the good fortune to have the eyes of Jim Galbraith on hand to capture some of the magic of that weekend in late July.  Please enjoy his pictures and few words he wrote about the weekend.

A first time and a tenth time

 A vintage daily commute
 A shiny steam train, alive and smoking, next to
Rusting relics of a previous era
“The most powerful engine ever built”
The guide proudly exclaimed
An ode to different times

A Spooky School
"Press all the buttons on the lighting desk"
The Lovely Eggs hatching a cascade of balloons
Beautiful Flowers
Bearsuit back, in capes, expecting...
Secrets Shining in the church
St Etienne or St Albans?
The Aislers closing Set

A marquee full of colourful vinyl
Even some tapes and Bond books
An Indie film
And a few ‘secret’ acoustic performances
... and more vinyl
A pound a Po!
Wiaiwya, Elefant, Odd Box, Fortuna Pop!
Sadly, no more Pop!

More tote bags in one place than imaginable
Owl eyes following you through 360’
Ale bar, curry, pizza and vegan to keep you fed
Steam powered can crush
“Crush! Crush! Crush!”
Stunning sunsets from the bridge

It won’t be the last time.

Let the music begin

The Spook School

A sunny Saturday afternoon

Saint Etienne

Heavy machinery and Witching Waves

Julia Fandos lending vocals on the Main Stage

Observant owls

The Indoor Stage twinkles on Sunday 

 The Aislers Set
Until next time...

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