Wednesday 29 October 2014

Jessie Love Action at CMJ - Day 5

CMJ Saturday - Day 5

Day 5 of CMJ was Saturday... and admittedly, after playing 3 gigs with September Girls, we were pretty burned out. The Brooklyn Vegan day showcase was on later that afternoon at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn, which was literally across the street from where we were staying, and the bands on offer promised a good show. However, myself and Caoimhe from the band decided to have a little day off for ourselves first. We headed to the East Village and found ourselves instead in the midst of the Halloween Dog Parage in Tompkins Square instead. 

After a spot of ridiculous dog watching and a refreshing mimosa we popped along to The Deep End Club, Tennessee Thomas' shop of wondrous wares. At this late stage in the trip all we could fit in our cases was some badges, but we left with them proudly in our biker jackets. We then wandered and shopped for hours, ate some delicious pizza in SoHo and realised the day had gone by and we had already missed Bo Ningen and Girlpool at the Brooklyn Vegan show. We hoofed it over the Williamsburg Bridge to try and catch The Fat White Family, expecting a massive impossible queue (certainly after our sxsw and Great Escape experiences). Amazingly, we made it in without bother, and even had a good view of the stage. The show was crowded, but not uncomfortable, and we knew from experience we didn't want to be at the front and covered in beer.

Fat White Family

As usual, The Fat White Family did not disappoint. Brash, sweaty, noisy garage rock from a bunch of lads who look like they need a good feed. They give the work shambolic a good name, with the singer jumping into the crowd, the bassist, without a guitar strap, pulling serious moves and holding his bass at the same time... and of course, all members of the band eventually stripping down to chest. Not a band for the faint hearted, but definitely an experience worth wading through.

And with that, we were too wrecked to find any more music despite there being a full evening left of showcases. An absolutely great few days of playing and listening to music, and much more accessible and (to sound cliché) real, compared to the sprawling sponsor-fest that sxsw seems to be. 

The #1s

A few honourable mentions should go to The #1s, our pals from Dublin, who also made the journey - they played loads of shows, many of them before CMJ officially started, including a great set at The Grand Victory on Monday night. Also, according to Sarah and Paula, who were at Baby's All Right on Thursday night, Bo Ningen and The Wytches were unbelievably good.

I'll be posting a few other photos from the week tomorrow.
x Jessie

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Jessie Love Action at CMJ - Day 4

CMJ Friday Day 4

Day 4 of CMJ promised to be our most hectic, as September Girls were booked to play 3 shows in both Manhattan and Brooklyn over the course of the day. Lucky for us, the first show was near our apartment at the new(ish) Rough Trade NYC branch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The shop is massive and wonderfully laid out. A brick warehouse styled up with its warehouse roots, with shipping containers being used as walls and dividers and lots of space to browse and listen to music. 

The shop also features a venue... not a little shop stage mind, but an actual venue with a tall roomy stage, great sound and lighting system, balcony and bar. We enjoyed our set as the sound was good and the Tecate was refreshing.

Up after us were Pinact - a duo from Glasgow... though as we were told, the drummer didn't make it through immigration and the singer/guitarist had a friend filling in on drums. You'd never know anything was amiss however, as they were incredibly fun and brash indie punk. There was a real 90s Alternative sound, with Nirvana as an obvious reference, but it wasn't just simple aping, as they had an incredible energy and were a really enjoyable watch.

Oscar were up next, and were certainly something different, but also enjoyable. Genre defy-ing but a bit indie-alternative with guitars, keys and no drummer. The songs I heard reminded me of The Drums, fun pop, but with a underlying bitter edge.

Unfortunately we weren't able to stick around for the "secret surprise guest" who turned out to be 90s Manchester greats, James. Oh Well.

We headed back over the Williamsburg Bridge to The Delancey, where the Music From Ireland was due to begin. September Girls were up first, and admittedly had a little bit of a struggle with our sound as we were rushed onto the stage as the previous showcase was running around an hour behind schedule. Yikes. Despite this we let loose and just went with it.

After us, Dott, from Galway, popped onto stage and sounded great. They've got a harmonious beachy sound, similar to Best Coast, and they looked like they were truly enjoying the show, smiling and joking about out of tune guitars. They were quite good at recreating their recorded sound, which is certainly worth checking out. We had to head back to Brooklyn for our next gig so I didn't make it through to the end of the set, but I can imagine the rest of it went swimmingly.

Our next stop was Brooklyn Nite Bazaar - an indoor shopping market complete with stalls of homemade trinkets and food stuffs like Korean Tacos and Meat Cones (still not sure what that is). My bandmate Lauren described it as "Hipster Chuck E Cheese" and indeed it had a real cool, grown-up fun fair vibe.

We arrived in time to catch Beverly, another Kanine Records band (it was a Kanine party after all) and they absolutely blew me away. Harmonious indie pop as you'd expect from a band whose original members included Frankie Rose, but Rose was not missed, as the band were dreamy and fun. Really looking forward to having a proper listen to their album.

September Girls turn next, and being our last gig, we let loose, headbanged a bit and screamed for our lives at the end of our last song, Sister. New York had been very good to us and we enjoyed every minute.

After us, once again, were Flowers. Having seen them at least three times in the last few days, they were noticeably also more confident and having fun. The crowd seemed to really get into it and it topped off a great night, and a great festival overall.

Sunday 26 October 2014

RadioNowhere at Elefant Party - 25 October 2014 - The Lexington, London, UK

Elefant Party - 25 October 2014 - The Lexington, London, UK
Wild Balbina + The Catenary Wires + Evans The Death + Cristina Quesada and Andreas Jonsson

We started the evening with a chat with our old friend, Liz Hunt (The School, Elefant UK) who organised this show, and it was lovely to catch up with her, and also Simon Love, who DJ-ed between acts (we much enjoyed hearing Betty Boo, thank you Simon!)  It was great to see such a good crowd; at £5 a ticket for four bands, it represented an almost unheard of austerity-friendly night out in London! 

We had travelled down to London from the Moisture Farm not only to take advantage of such a spectacular line-up, but we also had the pleasure of interviewing tonight's headliners, Wild Balbina, ahead of their first London show.  The band comprises Marta, Antia, Guille and Miguel, who were all lovely and spoke amazing English (our Spanish gets no better!)  They kindly indulged us by signing their beautiful 10" (available on Elefant Records) and gifted us each a t-shirt which we will wear with pride.  The interview will be broadcast soon on The Vinyl Dungeon - follow us @vinyldungeon/@radionowhereuk for more details.

photo credit:

The show began with a set from Cristina Quesada and Andreas Jonsson (he of Alpaca Sports) and featured some of Cristina's solo songs, as well as a very sweet cover of The Jesus and Mary Chain's 'Just Like Honey' and a joint version of Alpaca Sports' 'Just For Fun'. It was also lovely to catch up with Cristina again after their set.

 photo credit:

 photo credit:

Next up were Evans The Death, who changed the pace a bit, turning it up to 11 with a mixture of old and new tunes. Katherine's vocals reminded us of a cross between Siouxsie and theaudience-era Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and this, plus their attitude and stage presence make them a highly watchable band.

 photo credit:

We were also treated to a set from The Catenary Wires, a new outfit for Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey (ex-Talulah Gosh, Tender Trap, Heavenly).  When they arrived on stage they said that that having to follow such bright young things they felt like they were the miserable old git in the kitchen at the party. Their music showed they were everything but - whilst some of the lyrics spoke of the bruising that comes from having lived, loved and lost, they were so beautifully and amusingly delivered that we could all relate to it, and it certainly made me feel a bit better about the world. 

 photo credit:

The headliners, Wild Balbina, took the stage pretty much on time (with four bands in three hours in a room above a pub, that's impressive - as was the sound), and we were treated to a killer set from their four releases on Elefant Records, including this year's 'Sisters Before Misters' 10". Although the band is from Vigo, Spain, they sing in English, so there is no excuse for fellow mono-linguists not to listen to their beautiful, slightly harder-edged, pop melodies. Their set was over all too soon, but the crowd were glad to chat with the band afterwards, and hopefully pick up one of their records or a cute t-shirt.

 photo credit:

 photo credit:

Thanks to everyone - Liz, Simon, Cristina, Marta, Antia, Guille, Miguel - and all the other acts who made it such a great night!

~ Jessica 6 xx

Saturday 25 October 2014

Hip Auntie 25.October.2014

Sing, Sing, Sing – Paul Anka
Queen Of Hearts – Dave Edmunds
Louisiana Man – Jerry Lee Lewis
To Cut A Long Story Short – Spandau Ballet
Jitterbop Baby – Hal Harris
Bobby Darin – Cat Ballou
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Nature Boy
Daniel In The Den – Dan Zanes
Hall & Oates – You Make My Dreams Come True

Jessie Love Action at CMJ - Day 3

CMJ Thursday Day 3

All of September Girls started our day having a very filling and incredibly cheap eggy and home-fries filled breakfast at a Puerto Rican Diner in Brooklyn. (below) 

We then headed off to the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn where Culture Collide and Dr. Martens were hosting a two-day band-filled event. We arrived in time to catch Canadian band, Port Juvee, (below) who sounded equal parts The Strokes and Dinosaur Jr. They bounced around the stage and looked like they were having a great time. I spoke to a few of them afterwards, and they were such nice dudes, happy to have just finished a good New York and CMJ stint, but not so happy about the 99 hour drive back to Ottowa that lay ahead of them.


We were up next, and had great fun on the big Knitting Factory Stage. 

After our set, Flowers were up again (you'll see this as a reoccurring theme) and once again their music soared in the large surroundings of the venue. 

Up next were Gringo Starr... A bunch of indie dudes with a true rock look that suited their alternative indie sound. The 90s are obviously back in full fashion, as once again it felt like I was listening to Dinosaur Jr. And that's not a bad thing. 

Hunters were on next and they were hard to describe. A bit 90s pop punk, like The Muffs or even Man or Astroman!?! Surf rock guitars and boy girl back & forth. Nice and loud and a front woman with moves like Brody Dalle. 

On to Friday!!

Jessie x

Friday 24 October 2014

Jessie Love Action at CMJ in NYC

Day 2, Wednesday 
We started our day lazily, having stayed out far too late the night before. Wandering around Brooklyn and drinking $8 juices. Our show that day was at the Kanine Records party at Pianos on the Lower East Side, so we headed there a bit early to catch Power Indie trio PAWS. (below) They were charming on stage and looked like they were having great fun. Their music is bouncy pop punk and the venue was rammed full of people trying to catch a glimpse. 

We played next and had a great time. We've gotten much more comfortable and didn't even stress much when we started one song wrong and had to stop a few bars in. It was a laugh. 

Flowers (below) were up next and they also charmed the crowd with their soaring simplicity and c-86 sounds. Indie pop glittering vocal loveliness.

The weather at this point took a turn for the worse, and Piano's frozen margaritas started to kick in, so we called it an early night to keep up our energy for more madness on Thursday.

Jessie x

Thursday 23 October 2014

Love Action's CMJ Fix

Jessie Ward presenter of Love Action's Friday Fix (listen to latest episode below) here on, and guitarist for the critically acclaimed September Girls, keeps us up to date on her adventures at CMJ in Gotham City!

Day 1 - Tuesday
We started our day off heading from our place in Brooklyn to the CMJ HQ on Washington Sq Park to check in and look at schedules and meet and greet. For me that meant heading to my old NYU stomping ground that has changed in many ways... But is still overall the same. We then schlepped our gear to Cake Shop on the Lower East Side for Cake Shop's unofficial showcase hosted by the band, Curtin. We arrived in time to catch Casual Sex, who live up to their sleazy name with gritty, slimy pop tunes. 

We enjoyed our own set, after hanging around NY for a few days we were excited to finally get the guitars out. Lots of headbanging and noise and fun. 

After our set, J Fernandez (below) came on and I really enjoyed their twinkly pop sounds that reminded me of some of those brilliant Flying Nun bands from the 80s. Ace.

That evening we had our official showcase at Cameo Gallery in Williamsburg, hosted by  Mannequin Pussy (below) were playing when we arrived and I was absolutely blown away by Marisa's growly screams and the whole band's powerful performance. They are another band I want to learn more about and hear a lot more.

We had our second show for the day (below), which we were nice and warmed up for, but probably had a bit less headbanging as we were feeling the late hour of the night. 
After us, our pals PINS came on, and as usual, blew us away. They started slowly, with some new, much more pop-group oriented material... After a few songs, they started relaxing a bit and letting go of inhibitions, which made for more exhilarating watching. Their new songs, and upcoming album sounds like it'll make for great listening. 

By this time it was getting late and the rain had hit Brooklyn. We ended up staying out and having the chats with PINS and The Cribs, who made a surprise visit as they're in New York recording their new album with Ric Ocasek. Fun times. On to day 2

- Jessie x

Monday 20 October 2014

DEAN WAREHAM serves time in The RadioNowhere Vinyl Dungeon
The RadioNowhere Vinyl Dungeon
special guest: Dean Wareham (GALAXIE 500/LUNA/DEAN & BRITTA)

NEW ORDER - Ceremony
SPECIALS - Nite Klub
THE MOONTREKKERS - Night Of The Vampire
GALAXIE 500 - Snowstorm
BEVERLY - All The Things
THE 1974 CHEVY ANNOUNCEMENT FILM - Selling 'It's A Better Way'
LUNA - Slash Your Tires
YUCK - Out Of Time
DEAN WAREHAM - Heartless People
CILLA BLACK - Love's Just A Broken Heart
RAY PARKER JR - Ghostbusters (Extended Version)
GALAXIE 500 - Ceremony

Saturday 18 October 2014

The Doggone History of Country Music 18.October.2014
Horse - The Dirty Three
Underdog - Dirtbombs
Ring of Fire - the Animals
All The Pretty Horses - Calexico
Octopus - The Handsome Family
Hello Sunshine - Super Furry Animals
Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones
Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad - Wanda Jackson
Bird Dog - The Everly Brothers
Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
Wolfman - Bobby Fuller Four
Coe - Sparklehorse
To The Dogs or Whoever - Josh Ritter
Kiwi Maddog - Elliot Smith
Rock Lobster - The B 52's
Captain Crab - Ralfe Band

Saturday 11 October 2014

Filmic Halloween Playlist - Ocotber 2014

Track - Artist/Composer - Film

The Maze Runner/Joe Paesano/The Maze Runner

Walk if Fame/Howard Shore/Map To The Stars
Los He Escuchado/Arnau Bataller
The Shining Main Theme/Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind
Mr Kadam/A R Rahman/The 100 Foot Journey
Let's Slip Away/Cleao Lane & Johnny Dankworth/Saturday & Sunday Morning
Flesh Sample/E.C.Woodley/Antiviral
Music For Airport/Marco Beltrami/Warm Bodies
Tadums/Pierre Adenot/La Belle E La Bet
Slow Cool/Georges Auric/Goodbye Again
Have A Cherry & End Credits/John Williams/The Witches of Eastwick
Lament/Brian Tyler/Expendables 3
Something Wicked/Kyle Newmaster/Something Wicked
Klarence, My Son-Main Title/Raphael Gesqua/Among The Living
Whistle Down the Wind/The Wayfarers/Whistle Down The Wind
Prince Vajda Sees Yavuto-Black Coack/Les Baxter/Black Sunday
Sola Gratia Part 1/Josef Van Wissem/Only Lovers Left Alive
End Title-All the Power/Jerry Goldsmith/Damien Omen 2

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Monday 6 October 2014

AXOLOTES MEXICANOS serve time in The RadioNowhere Vinyl Dungeon

The RadioNowhere Vinyl Dungeon
special guests: Stephen & Olaya AXOLOTES MEXICANOS

LEGENDS OF COUNTRY - That's What We Talk About When We Talk About Country
NELSON RIDDLE - Two Hearts Wild
MY BUBBA & MI - Really Really
BELLY - Full Moon, Empty Heart
DALIS CAR - The Judgement Is The Mirror
X MAL DEUTSCHLAND - Begrab Mein Herz
THE M.T. QUARTER - Glass Finger
JAYE P. MORGAN - You Turned The Tables On Me
MC 900FT JESUS - The City Sleeps

Saturday 4 October 2014

Love Action's Friday Fix 3.October.2014

Love Action's Friday Fix

Good morning ladies and ghouls... it is that time once again for your morning to become covered in cobwebs and spooky music to overcome your music feed. Happy October and happy Halloween.

On the show this month
There's a Ghost In My House - R. Dean Taylor
Bright Eyes, Black Soul- The Lover's Key
Skeleton Key - The Coral
Deep Sleep - Chance Halliday

L'antiquite - Stone
Veneer - September Girls
Sail and Rail - SISSY
Police & Thieves - Get Back Guinozzi
Pretty Girls Make Graves - The Smiths
They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have Come Back From The Dead!! Ahhhh! - Sufjan Stevens
Nightmare - The Abstracts
The Bug - Leonard Johnson

Ghost Train - Summer Camp
Doom - The Hidden Cameras

Monster (SAC Remix)- You Say Party, We Say Die!
Blood Beach - Le Galaxie

Nightshift - The Names
All Night Party - A Certain RatioGhost Party - The Black Albinos
  Enjoy, and please feel free to get in touch via! and of course you can follow me on twitter at


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