Friday 26 June 2015

Piney's Album Launch

At Glastonbury this year? If so, be sure to catch our Piney at The Rabbit Hole (next to the Park Stage) at 7:00 PM Saturday Night. If not, pop down to the Lexington for her album launch! We are also pleased as punch to announce that Piney will be returning to the airwaves here on RadioNowhere in July!

Thursday 25 June 2015

James Horner

When I heard about his tragic death my mouth just dropped open and I froze. I was like a statue just standing there trying to re-adjust my mind to believe it was the truth. And until today that’s pretty much how I have been hence why I have not yet posted. I’ve been reading all the Facebook and other online tributes, and there are so many of them. Even though I am a film music reviewer this is not going to be a re-appraisal of his superb body of work. It’s going to be about the way his music makes me feel because at the end of the day that’s what soundtracks scores are all about.

My great love of soundtracks was sealed many years ago when I became obsessive about the late John Barry. His music did the same as Horner’s, it reached right down to my soul. Barry may have been my most favourite composer but Horner was always there, side by side and it’s no wonder that I grew up with both of them. Their music makes me stop whatever I am doing and I just listen, it stills me. It’s what I call ‘important music’, you cannot ignore it or what it is making you feel. In slow pieces Horners music is very still, you feel as if he has not only written each note but that he has lived that note, lived the emotion it conjures and it conjures the feelings so instantly. He is the composer that I put ‘repeat’ on certain tracks more than anyone else.

How did he do it, not once but all the time? And it’s always so subtle, a chord change can bring you to tears. A measured stream of piano notes can just cut you to the quick. It’s not only his talent, it’s his gift which he shared with us all. Horner spoke gently and he has a gentle, light touch on his music. Goose bumps and closed eyes always occur when those shifts of music go right through me almost as if I am trying to get closer to it. God, I am going miss the excitement of a new Horner score.

He was only 61 years old and my heart goes out to his family. What music we will never hear I wonder? I am sure he had projects going on in the background, it’s all lost now except for our own personal collections which will always be there. And which I am going to reach into right now.

Favourite cue: The Drive Home from Field of Dreams[1989]
Favourite score: Sneakers [1992] 

I will miss you

Filmic Playlist June 2015


Travel Montage/Robert Folk/Beastmaster 2:Through The Portal of Time
Mickey's Theme/Eddie Sauter/Mickey One
Tori Jai Jai Karter/Amir Khan-Naushad/Baiju Bawra
What Happened/Peter Gregson/A Little Chaos
Ellie's Love The/Issac Hayes/Shaft
Mad Max Theme/Brain May/Mad Max
Brothers In Arms/Junkie XL/Mad Max Fury Road
It Is Punishable To Discriminate People In the Hiring Process/
Kare Vestrheim/Woman In Oversized Mens Shirts
Floating Bed/Elliot Goldenthall/Frida
Arrow of Gods/Elliot Goldenthall/Titus
The Greater Good/Dominic Lewis/Spooks:The Greater Good
Sunset/Paul Giovanni/Magnet/The Wicker Man
Hollow In the Ferns/Craig Armstrong/Far From the Madding Crowd
Corn Exchange/Craig Armstrong/Far From The Madding Crowd
The Chase/Georgio Moroder/Midnight Express/
Main Theme/Howard Shore/Nobody's Fool
The Calling-The Neighbourhood-Main Theme/Jerry Goldsmith/Poltergeist
Home Free/Marc Streitenfeld/Poltergeist
Closing Titles/Vangelis/The Bountry

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