Monday 28 July 2014

RadioNowhere at Indietracks 2014
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Indietracks 2014

During our first visit to Indietracks in 2009 we knew we had stumbled across something pretty special.  Whilst many niche festivals and their devotees might see those who joined the party later as some kind of interlopers, the lovely people here just stretch out their arms and welcome you into the fold.  Being such a small, distinctive scene there is huge potential for pretentiousness and cliquey behaviour, yet we have found very little evidence of these amongst the hardcore who you just know attend every single one of the indiepop events organised in the UK, in Madrid, New York, Berlin, etc.

We have had the good fortune to meet some wonderful people at Indietracks; the friendliness is like nothing we have ever experienced at other gigs or festivals, and it is quite normal to just start chatting with others in the Merchandise Tent, whilst watching bands, and when going to and from the festival on the trains. Most of the bands we have met at Indietracks have told us about a friend’s band that we just must not miss, and most of the ticket-buyers at the festival have a personal connection of some kind with at least one of the bands playing over the weekend.  Loads of people have asked us for recommendations for people to watch and, whilst that might not seem all that unusual as we do run a radio station, most of them don’t even know that, they just want to chat and find out something about a new band.  Pretty much everyone who goes to the festival is incredibly open-minded about new bands and see more than a few bands each year that they have never heard of before, meaning that most performances have a really good crowd.  This extends to the sale of merchandise, as the Merch Tent offers a temporary shop-front to every band playing the festival following their set and the merchandise just flies off the table – I have never seen so many happy shoppers clutching new vinyl, t-shirts, stickers and badges.  Not only is the Merch Tent for selling stuff, it is also the venue for impromptu acoustic sets from artists performing at the festival and from other artists who just happen to be there!

If you haven’t been, be sure to next year.  It has to be the most relaxing and enjoyable festival experience in the UK, it is totally family friendly, full of nice people, and all for a good cause – providing funds for the Midland Railway Museum. 

All of the artists interviewed by RadioNowhere over the weekend will be featured in an Indietracks special and some of those artists will also be serving time in The Vinyl Dungeon very soon… visit for more information or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Sunday 27 July 2014

RadioNowhere at Indietracks 2014: Sunday


Sunday started with a bit of celeb spotting in the hotel – not only were The Chills staying at our hotel (or so we were told), but so were The Very Most, and Dean Wareham!!!! 

When we arrived at the site, we – along with several children and many other fully-grown adults – got a little over-excited by a huge vintage steam-roller flattening a pile of beer cans.  Only at Indietracks!
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We continued our excitement with the opening set on the Outdoor Stage from the riotous Spanish band, Axolotes Mexicanos, who wowed the crowds with their crazy pop punk, interspersed with Olaya’s insults to her brother Juan (translated via bass player, Stephen) such as ‘This song is called ‘Abortion’ and I dedicate this to my brother’!  Olaya was very nervous and kept forgetting to play the keyboard, and when she didn’t know what to do she threw her arms in the air and whooped.  The audience laughed its arse off, but also loved their songs.  We caught up with the band a little bit later on in the day and heard that they will have an album out hopefully by the end of the year – can’t wait! 

We headed to the Indoor Stage for a set by Cosines as we had been given a heads-up earlier from Adam from The Manhattan Love Suicides that they would be covering ‘Young Turks’ by Rod Stewart.  It was a great cover, and we saw Adam punching the air down in the audience!
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Regular listeners to RadioNowhere will know that we love The School, a Cardiff-based band that are not only an extremely talented bunch of musicians but are also really lovely people.  At this year’s Indietracks, we braved the swelteringly hot conditions on the vintage trains to be treated to an acoustic set of songs by The School performed by singer (…and promoter and Wales Goes Pop! organizer and Elefant UK overseer…) Liz and multi-instrumentalist (…and PhD student and graphic designer and neuroscientist…) Harri, joined by Simon Love on tambourine.   It was a very well attended performance, enjoyed by all as the train carriage passed through the stunning Derbyshire countryside.
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Next up for the RadioNowhere interview (mis)treatment were Mega Emotion, the band comprising ex-Bearsuit members, Iain, Jan and Lisa.  We met Bearsuit a couple of times when they were doing shows for ‘The Phantom Forest’ album, and found them to be an amazing live band as well as being fun people to talk to, so it was great to meet them again.   They aren’t trading on their Bearsuit past at all, deciding instead to start from scratch and establish themselves as a brand new band, so here at Indietracks they played the Church Stage.  We arrived early to ensure that we got in, and wow… we were not disappointed!  Despite being a relatively new band, their songs are perfectly formed, massively catchy, and so powerfully performed.  We were blown away by one of the best shows we have seen in ages, and they were rightly rewarded with a spontaneous standing ovation at the end of their set.  They have had some initial releases on home-produced cassettes and are currently looking for a label, so hopefully they will be getting more music out there for your pleasure very soon – don’t miss out, you will love them.
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Over the weekend we greatly enjoyed spending time with our friends, the lovely Jónas from Elefant Records, and Indietracks regulars (both as festival-goers and performers) Javi and Coral from Band Á Part, and were so pleased they decided to make the trip from Madrid to be there.  The weekend just went too fast and before we knew it we were saying our goodbyes… with that, this year’s Indietracks was over.  Maybe we’ll see you there next year?

Jessica 6 x

All of the artists interviewed by RadioNowhere over the weekend will be featured in an Indietracks special and some of those artists will also be serving time in The Vinyl Dungeon very soon… visit for more information or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



Saturday 26 July 2014

RadioNowhere at Indietracks 2014: Saturday


Saturday was a scorcher, both in terms of the weather and the day’s line-up.
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We were excited to start our Saturday with an interview with The Manhattan Love Suicides, one of our most anticipated moments of this year’s festival, we first met Darren and Caroline as part of The Blanche Hudson Weekend at Indietracks in 2010 after TMLS split in 2009 and loved them to bits and are delighted that they have reformed TMLS with the original line-up.  To us, their noisy, fuzzy, feedback-drenched brilliance is a wonderful, soul-cleansing counterpoint to the steady diet of sunny, twee pop provided throughout the weekend.  They’ll probably kill us for saying this, but don’t be fooled by the 24/7 sunglasses and black outfits… whilst they are über-cool (of course), they are also the loveliest, friendliest people you could ever wish to meet.  Bumping into Darren, Caroline and Adam at various points on Saturday and Sunday (Rachel sadly had to head home early) were highlights of our weekend, always having a quick chat about who to see next.  Why they were playing the Church Stage was a mystery, and we only got to see some of their set as it was a bit of struggle to get in – never mind, we hope to catch them in Leeds or somewhere soon!
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Later was an interview with one of Christopher Laird’s favourites, Linda Guilala.  The band has grown since their last Indietracks appearance in 2010, with the addition of guitarist Bruno to the original line-up of Ivan and Eva.  The lovely Jonas helped with the translation (que pena por nosotros para no aprender Español), and it was lovely to catch up with them all again.  A bit later on, on the Outdoor Stage, the band played songs from their latest 10” mini-album, Xeristar, which showcase a much fuller, spacier sound than their previous releases.  The set was all too short after a bit of a delayed start, but well worth the wait.
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Whilst at Indietracks, we are kindly provided by the organisers with a quiet, disused shop building to record our interviews.  Our presence in the old shop piqued the interest of Roy, one of the Midland Railway volunteers who makes and runs miniature trains at the site (including the one above).
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Roy popped over to see us and find out what we were up to, and we had a lovely chat with him about the festival and the museum site.  A train driver for over 40 years, Roy (pictured centre) told us he loves building the trains and seeing people’s enthusiasm when they visit the museum, and it was very sad to hear of thefts from the site and the arson attack on the miniature railway that happened on his 82nd birthday.
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Up next we caught up with Owen and Alanna from Joanna Gruesome, the interview being slightly delayed following some first aid treatment for Alanna after she sat on a wasp.  Their set on the Indoor Stage later in the day was blinding – the music channels early 90s guitar bands, coupled with a genuine punk-political attitude that brings to the stage such power and presence that you just can’t take your eyes off them.  Clearly untroubled about over-stimulating the delicate heart and sensitive soul of the average Indietracker, Joanna Gruesome were joined onstage by the man himself, former Galaxie 500 frontman Dean Wareham, for their cover of Tugboat.  Just before he came on stage, a woman standing in front of us in the crowd saw him standing backstage and, despite the fact that she knew he was headlining the same stage later in the evening, the look on her face was one of complete and utter amazement and joy.  When he came on stage, it might be said that Alanna had that same look, she was clearly in awe and massively grateful, getting a selfie with him after the set.
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Another highlight of the day was the chance to meet some of the owls and parrots rescued by the folks at Woodie’s Wings, two families who between them look after over 100 rescued birds, many of which were poorly cared for by people who kept them as pets.  The bird handlers were full of knowledge about the birds and were happy to guide children to gently pet the birds, whilst also explaining their power – the European Eagle Owl (in the background of the photo below) could kill a small deer with its claws… eek.
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25+ years after the height of Galaxie 500, we were honoured to be joined by Dean Wareham for an interview, with him running over to meet Christopher spot on time at 6.00pm as arranged… no diva behaviour here.  Even when organizing the interview, Dean replied directly – imagine the excitement at RN HQ when an email from Dean Wareham arrived in the inbox!!   A highly intelligent bundle of nervous energy, Dean whizzed through the interview with some really interesting and insightful answers about his various musical projects over the years – and he also corrected some Wikipedia untruths for us!   When we got to see him headline the Indoor Stage later in the evening, with wife Britta Phillips and band, it was a truly breathtaking experience.  Heavily loaded with material from his outstanding new solo effort as well as a few Galaxie 500 songs for good measure, the set was an indie-rock masterclass, showing exactly why he is so influential and revered by a huge number of artists.

Jessica 6 x

All of the artists interviewed by RadioNowhere over the weekend will be featured in an Indietracks special and some of those artists will also be serving time in The Vinyl Dungeon very soon… visit for more information or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



Hip Auntie 26.July.2014
Hand Clappin' Time – Gino with Johnny Greek
Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line – Waylon Jennings
Marching On – Toots And The Maytals
007 – Desmond Dekker
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania – Guy Mitchell
Dancing In The Street – Petula Clark
No Matter What – Badfinger
Share With You – Lennon & Maisy
A Life That's Good – Lennon & Maisy
You Got Soul – Johnny Nash
2-4-6-8 – Tom Robinson

Friday 25 July 2014

RadioNowhere at Indietracks 2014: Friday

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We arrived at Butterley Station about 5.30pm on Friday evening and waited with anticipation with all the other keen indiepop-ers for the first vintage train of the weekend to take us from Butterley to Swanwick Junction, the main festival site.  A warm, sunny day meant that the train was swelteringly hot, but as we pulled through the leafy and shaded, wooded areas between the stations, the breeze through the old carriages gave some respite.  As always, the train was populated with a wonderfully diverse mix of people, languages and appearances – all warmly welcomed by fellow festival-goers, museum staff, volunteers and those wonderful people who form Team Indietracks that make it all possible.

When we arrived and were duly wristband-adorned, we took in our surroundings for our sixth visit to the festival.  Friday nights are pretty low-key, this year with four bands on the main, Outdoor Stage: Teencanteen, Spearmint, The Chills, and Allo Darlin’.  We set out our blanket under a tree and checked the running order for the next couple of days, working out who we might be able to see between planned interviews, but ended up spending more time people-watching and enjoying the late evening sunshine, occasionally visiting the CAMRA ale bar in the Indoor Stage (the Engine Shed) to keep hydrated!
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--> Teencanteen, a relatively new Scottish band, opened the show with some great sunny pop songs which were totally fitting for the evening ahead and were extra enjoyable for Jessica 6 who loves hearing people’s accents when they sing.  Two reformed bands, Spearmint, and The Chills followed them.  Apparently The Chills were staying at the same Travelodge as us (or so the woman on Reception told us when we checked in) – it’s a 5-star lifestyle we lead on our 1-star budget!
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Headlining on Friday were Indietracks favourites, Allo Darlin’, joined on stage at various points by friends and fellow artists, including members of The Just Joans.  Yes, Allo Darlin’ and The Just Joans on the same stage at Indietracks… on Friday evening… that’s quite a build up for the rest of the weekend… surely no more big duets due this weekend….?

Jessica 6 x


Monday 21 July 2014

The Vinyl Dungeon 21.July.2014
The RadioNowhere Vinyl Dungeon

CARPENTERS - We've Only Just Begun
FRENCH STYLE FURS - All the Way Down
STEVIE WONDER - I'm Wondering
FRONT 242 - Headhunter (V1.0)
THE SCHOOL - It's Not The Same
BEARSUIT - Princess, You're A Test
NOUVELLE VAGUE - Ever Fallen In Love
THE REPLACEMENTS - Here Comes A Regular

Sunday 20 July 2014

The Doggone History of Country Music 19.July.2014
Lee Hazelwood - The House Song
Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Holly Home
Woodie Guthrie - I Ain't Got No Home
Dennis Hopper Choppers - Long Trip Home
Josh Ritter - Love Is Making Its Way Back Home
Slim Whitman - So Close To Home
Hank Williams - I Won't Be Home No More
Flying Burrito Brothers - Green Grass of Home
Band of Horses - On My Way Back Home
M Ward - To Go Home
The Drifters - I'll Take You Home
Roy Orbison - Coming Home
Sparklehorse - Homecoming Queen
Simon & Garfunkle - Homeward Bound
Prince Conley- I'm Going Home
James Yorkston - Don't Leave Home
Hank Snow - Journey My Baby Back Home

Friday 11 July 2014



Flying With Mother/John Powell/How To Train Your Dragon 2
Fit To be Tied/Jonathan Clay/The Motel Life
Tender Comrade/Billy Bragg/Thanks For Sharing
Glider Part 1/Bill Conti/The Thomas Crown Affair
The Eye of the Storm/Michael Kamen/The Iron Giant
Prologue/Neal Hefti/How To Murder Your Wife
The Auction/The Newton Brothers/Oculus
The Team Uniforms/Bill Conti/Escape To Victory
D-Day/Christophe Beck/Edge of Tomorrow
The Albatross & Drifting Clouds/Les Baxter/Jules Verne's Master of the World
Dormant/Darren Korn/Transistor
Lord Mansfield Watches John/Rachel Portman/Belle
Burly Brawl/Juno Reactor & Don Davis/Matrix Reloaded
Bobbleheads/A R Rhaman/Million Dollar Arm
Power Plant & Main Title/Fred Karlin/Futureworld
The Christening/James Newton Howard/Maleficient 

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Friday 4 July 2014

Love Action's Friday Fix 4.July.2014

Love Action's Friday Fix
Happy freedom day to you all!

It's now officially midsummer, the long lazy hazy days are here, so I'm bringing you music to soundtrack your daydream amid the flowers.

On the show this month

Statue of Liberty - XTC
Faking Jazz Together - Connan Mockasin
Higher Than The Sun - Primal Scream
Summerhead - Cocteau Twins
When The Sun Hits - Slowdive
Endless Shore - Melody's Echo Chamber
Jean Seberg - Stereolab
In A Million - Nina Hynes
Beach Party - Air France
Summertime Clothes - Animal Collective
Birdhouse In Your Soul - They Might Be Giants
Davy Crockett - South Ambulance

Black Magic - Jarvis Cocker
Down By The Water - The Drums
Daydream - The Gunter Kallmann Choir

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