Thursday 31 December 2015

The Hackney, Kansas Radio Hour 31.December.2015

Welcome to Hackney, Kansas! The best small town you've never been to. 

It's episode 2 of RadioNowhere's "The Hackney, Kansas Radio Hour" - an eclectic mix of light entertainment from the imaginary borough of London that's stuck in the middle of the American mid-West. Your hosts Piney Gir and Alex (of Alexander's Festival Hall) take you on a spin through exotica, pop, lounge and country, intermingled with sport, cookery, and documentary shenanigans. In fact, let's just file the whole thing under "shenanigans"... 

Quand vas tu rentrer - Melody's Echo Chamber
Prussian Blue - The Lilac Time
Supersonic - Oasis
Jacqueline Taieb - La coeur au bout des doigts
Shades of Winter - Streetplayer
Dreaming - Knower
Donut Taco Palace - Shiny Ribs 
Palast Orchester mit Max Raab - Super Trouper
The Love You Save - Jackson 5
Home - Jane Birkin

Monday 28 December 2015

Filmic Playlist December 2015

                                                           "Is the force with you?"

It's A Hell of a Chase/Muchael Giacchino/Jupiter Ascending
Arriving at the Temple/Dario Marionelli/Everest
Twisted Nerve-Title Track/Bernard Hermmann/Twisted Nerve
Hall of Trade Unions - Moscow & Rain/Thomas Newman/Bridge of Spies
Christmas Story/Doris Day-P Walsh/Moonlight Bay
Theme to Puppet on a Chain/Piero Piccioni/Puppet on a Chain
The Prophet/Gabriel Yared/The Prophet
The Egg Godfather/Zacarius M De La Riva/Gallo Con Muchas Huevos
Melancholia/Johann Johannsson/Sicario
Operation Christmas/Arthur Christmas/Harry Gregson-Williams
Before It's Too Late/Piero Picioni/From the Orient With Fury
Dartmoor 1912/John Williams/War Horse
Return to the Wild/James Horner/Wolf Totem
Main Title Texas Adios/Anton Garcia - Don Powell/Texas Adios
The Shadow Chase/Michael Giachinno/Jupiter Ascending
The Trouble With Angels-Main Title/Jerry Goldsmith/The Trouble With Angels
Opening/Craig Armstrong/Far From The Madding Crowd
The Jedi Steps and the Finale/John Williams/Star Wars: The Force Awakens


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Monday 21 December 2015

RadioNowhere's Best of 2015

RadioNowhere's Best of 2015

Compiled by the staff at Ley Bricknell, Piney Gir, Christopher Laird, Judy Neuhaus & Jessie Ward O’Sullivan. 

Follow us on Twitter! @RadioNowhereUK

‘If it’s good, they’ll find it’ ~ The New York Times 

‘Songs from the best new independent artists’ ~ The Guardian

RadioNowhere’s Song of the Year - ETERNAL SUMMERS: Together Or Alone 

RadioNowhere’s Album of the Year – THE SCHOOL: Wasting Away And Wondering 

(complete running order) 

NEW ORDER: Singularity (Mute)

LE BUTCHERETTES: They Fuck You Over (Ipecac Recordings)
BUNNYGRUNT: Still Chooglin' (After...) (Happy Happy Birthday To Me)

LA LUZ: I Wanna Be Alone (With You) (Hardly Art)

SHANNON & THE CLAMS: Point of Being Right (Hardly Art)

EVANS THE DEATH: Bad Year (Fortuna Pop/Slumberland)

L.A. WITCH: Kill My Baby Tonight (Lolipop)

THE JULIANA HATFIELD THREE: If I Could (American Laundromat)

DESTROYER: Dream Lover (Dead Oceans)

PINEY GIR: Gold Rules (Damaged Goods)

GAZ COOMBES: Matador (Hot Fruit)

THE CANDLE THIEVES: Me And The Androids (Carnival Town)

CHORUSGIRL: We Care About You (Fortuna Pop)

SLEATER-KINNEY: No Cities To Love (Sub Pop)

KATHRYN CALDER: New Millennium (File Under: Music)
IS TROPICAL: Fall (Axis Mundi)
LOS BONSÁIS: Después De Todo... (Elefant)
THE CATENARY WIRES: Things I Love (Elefant)

THE KINDLING: Climb In (Self Released)

THE MYNABIRDS: Omaha (Saddle Creek)

LORD HURON: The World Ender (Iamsound/Play It Again Sam)

DANIEL PEMBERTON: His Name Is Napoleon Solo (Sony Music Classical)

WOVOKA GENTLE: You Have Saved Our Lives, We Are Eternally Grateful (Yucatan)

ULTIMATE PAINTING: Sweet Chris (Trouble In Mind)

THE SCHOOL: Love Is Anywhere You Find It (Elefant)

ETERNAL SUMMERS: Together Or Alone (Kanine)

Sunday 6 December 2015

Love Action's Friday Fix 4.December.2015

Love Action's Friday Fix 
Feeling that Festive Spirit yet?! Well fear not, 'tis Friday already and time to get your feet tapping and let that smile glow across your face. Seeing as the world is well into bombarding us with Christmas madness, we figured we'd put together an alternative Holiday mix, without a Mariah Carey red snowsuit in sight. Kick back, enjoy, and Happy Holidays however you celebrate them!

On the show this month:

The Christmas Song - Cassie Ramone
Silent Night - CAN
Reflections - Diana Ross & The Supremes
I Gave My Love A Diamond - Them
Christmas Was Better in the 80s - The Futureheads
Happy - Best Coast
Christmas on Mars - Groovie Ghoulies
Downmarket - The Blades
Thanks For Christmas - XTC
It's Christmas And I've Got Everything I Want - Spectrals
Black Christmas - Poly Styrene
Make Me Yours - Phyllis Dillon
Frosty The Snowman - Man or Astro-man?
Come On Santa - The Raveonettes
Happy Place - The Jesus And Mary Chain
I Feel Good (All Over) - Betty Lavette
Santa's Rap - Kool Moe Dee and the Treacherous Three

Hark The Herald Angels Sing - The Fall

Enjoy, and please feel free to get in touch via! and of course you can follow me on twitter at

Saturday 28 November 2015

Filmic Playlist November 2015

Kidnapped - Galleon Dog Fight/John Powell/Pan
Mix Me A Person/Adam Faith-John Worth/Mix Me A Person
The Child Part 1/Jed Kurzel/Macbeth
Ochoa Knose/Herbie Hancock/Death Wish
Miss Shepherd's Waltz/George Fenton/The Lady In The Van
Donna Lucia & Madeleine/Thomas Newman/Spectre
Serpico/Mikis Theodorakis/Serpico
It's Not Working & The Circus of the Machines 1[Overture]/Daniel Pemberton
Fantastic Four Prelude/Philip Glass & Marco Beltrami/The Fantastic Four
Spaghetti A Detroit - Corr/Fred Bongusto/The Tiger and The Pussycat
Investigating Mr Holmes & Hiroshima Station/Carter Burwell/Mr Holmes
Lonely Girl & Blues For Jean & Girl Talk/Neil Hefti & Jay Livington/Harlow
Momentum/Laurent Eyquem/Momentum
The Resignation/the Newton Brothers/The Runner
Better Look Me In the Eyes/Dan Romer/Beasts of No Nation
On The Roof & Smooth Hector/Peter McConnell/Grim Fandango Remastered

IMPORTANT: For the December show I want to feature what you think is your Favourite Soundtrack of the Year, so please let me have your thoughts!

Saturday 21 November 2015

FLOWERS serve time in The RadioNowhere Vinyl Dungeon
The RadioNowhere Vinyl Dungeon
special guests: FLOWERS

SUGAR - The Act We Act
THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - The Living End (recorded live on 21.November.2014 at the Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow, Scotland)
THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - Taste The Floor (recorded live on 21.November.2014 at the Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow, Scotland) 
THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - The Hardest Walk (recorded live on 21.November.2014 at the Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow, Scotland) 
FLOWERS - Be With You
MATTHEW SWEET - Time Capsule
LA LUZ - True Love Knows
FLOWERS - Hide and Seek (Home Recording) 
CHRIS ISAAK - Except the New Girl
SUEDE - Animal Nitrate
THE CHURCH - To Be In Your Eyes 
PORTUGAL. THE MAN - Sleep Forever
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Wednesday 11 November 2015

Happy 13th Birthday RadioNowhere!

Some say 13 is an unlucky number.  In my experience it has been quite the contrary.  The gate I walked through to come live in Europe just so happened to be gate 13. The plane didn’t crash.  I met an amazing girl at a gig on the 13th and we actually still talk to each other. The very first test broadcast for RadioNowhere was on the 13th of April 2002 in Walthamstow, London and 13 years later I am sat here writing this and we are still on the air.  A lot has changed since those early days, technology being the biggest.  On the 11th of November 2002 we launched our 24 hour stream which has not been interrupted since.  The very first song ever played on RadioNowhere was Transmission by Joy Division.  It seemed appropriate being that we were in Macclesfield then and that Ian Curtis once lived just a 5-minute walk from our studio.  Back in those days one was constricted to a PC or Mac to get the full RadioNowhere experience.  It would be another two years before ex-MTV VJ Adam Curry would launch his Daily Source Code, which the Guardian would later label and the world would refer to as ‘podcasts’.  Apple released iTunes 4.9 in June 2005, which supported podcasts and RadioNowhere applied to Apple that autumn to be added to its podcast subscriptions.  Hurrah! We were accepted, and released our very first podcast, The RadioNowhere Live Request Show in May 2006. It featured a then unknown Texan singer/songwriter by the name of Sarah Jaffe who just so happens to be a pretty big deal now and in 2007 a singer/songwriter of some note by the name of Bruce Springsteen penned a song called RadioNowhere.  (We had no idea you were a fan Bruce!  We love you too!!)  So here we are, close to 1000 podcasts later and on this 13th Birthday we are raising a glass to all those who have joined us on this musical journey.  Sadly we are constantly on a knife edge of going silent forever due to increasing financial constraints and the seemingly unlimited outlets for discovering music such as KEXP, 6Music, NPR, Apple Radio etc etc.  The list is virtually endless.  The one thing that we are most proud of though is our listeners.  Those who still crave the experience of listening to music via an actual human being, not through a myriad of platforms like Spotify who use algorithms as their tool to discovering music, not passion, experience and genuine human emotion.

In the past 13 years we have been recognised by The New York Times, The Guardian, ABC Australia, and The New York-Boston-Philadelphia editions of Metro. However it is the words of RadioNowhere listener Jason Stephens that probably said it best…

It’s Eclectic It’s Eccentric It’s RadioNowhere!  That’s the motto for the online radio station broadcasting from the UK that as it describes: was started in 2002 as a reaction to the lack of support commercial radio was giving to unsigned and deleted artists.  In fact all the stations I listen to (WDCB, klassik radio, BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music, 91.1 The Avenue and fip) aim to do the same in some respects but RadioNowhere has made it its mission. Great music shouldn’t be put on a pedestal, only associated with fame and mass popularity.  Some of the best music is the most unknown music.  While scouring record shops, one may find music that you never heard of before but due to the recommendation of a friend or cool album cover, it turns out to be the best music you ever heard!  Listening to RadioNowhere is like scouring a record shop through each genre and is like a friend offering recommendations of their favourite records.

If you feel the way Jason does about RadioNowhere, please donate and help us to continue to stay on air and bring to you music won’t hear anywhere else!

Thank you to Ley, Jessie, Piney, Alex, Polly (J6), Ruby, Jenny, Mark, Rachel, Peta, Tim (Ten Yen), Herick (Bigif), Mariola (Ola), Vanessa, Patrick and Judy.

You made my dreams come true and I love you all!


Saturday 7 November 2015

Love Action's Friday Fix 6.November.2015

Love Action's Friday Fix 
Remember, remember... it's already November! Even better news is that it's FRIDAY. Let's welcome the eleventh month, with an hours worth of tunes to put you in a feel good mood, including a few brand new tracks that are only debuting this week. Excellent!

On the show this month:

Bisou Magique - Melody's Echo Chamber
All My Life - Cave Ghosts
Stay Perfect - Obedient Wives Club
Final Day - Young Marble Giants
Ego Loss - Flowers
I Can't Compete - Balkans
Favourite Game - The #1s
Feels Like You - Splashh
I Want More - CAN
Hang On to Life - Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht
Heavy Weather - Jarvis Cocker
Top of the Hill - Conduits
Green Are Your Eyes - Marianne Faithfull
Wait - Hornet Leg
Jette La Pierre - L'Abbé Noèl Colombier
Always on my Mind - Chipmunks On 16 Speed
My Autumn's Done Gone - Lee Hazlewood

Background music this month was Psyché Rock by Les Ypres Sound.

Enjoy, and please feel free to get in touch via! and of course you can follow me on twitter at

Saturday 31 October 2015

Filmic Playlist October 2015


Theme from Frankenstein/Bernard Kaun/Halloween
Cheyenne/Williams & Van Alystyne & Robert Duvall/Wild Horses
Vind For Vang/Olah Strandh/The Depths Of My Heart
Halloween Band/Joseph Loduca/Pay the Ghost
Pin-Ultimate Experience/Michael Giacchino/Tomorrowland
Bycycle Ride/Stephen Warbeck/Je Te Survival
Into The Closet & Take A Peek/Marc Streitenfeld/Poltergeist
Writing's On the Wall/Sam Smith/Spectre
Aen Seidhe/Marcin Prztbylowicz & Mikolai Stroinsky/The Witcher 3-Wild Hunt
Pussycat Source/Lalo Schifrin/What's New Pussycat
Underworld/Javier Navarette/Zhonkui:Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal
Creation & To Emma/Christopher Young/Creation
The Alchemist Main Theme/Richard Band/The Alchemist
Chicken Man/Randy Newman/Toy Story 2
Omens of Nosferatu/James Bernard/Nosferatu
The Murder/Bernard Hermmann/Pyscho


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Tuesday 27 October 2015

ETERNAL SUMMERS serve time in The RadioNowhere Vinyl Dungeon

The RadioNowhere Vinyl Dungeon
special guests: ETERNAL SUMMERS

JOY DIVISION - Love Will Tear Us Apart
THE MISSION - Serpent's Kiss (remix)
THE HOUSE OF LOVE - Kiss The Fountain 
45 GRAVE - Evil
DEPECHE MODE - Sea Of Sin (Tonal Mix)
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN - The Killing Moon (All Night Version)
ETERNAL SUMMERS - Together Or Alone
CAMERA OBSCURA - Tears For Affairs
Honour her memory by donating to Sarcoma
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Thursday 8 October 2015

THE SCHOOL serve time in The RadioNowhere Vinyl Dungeon
The RadioNowhere Vinyl Dungeon
special guests: THE SCHOOL and LOS BONSÁIS

PAPA TOPO - Sangre En Los Zapatos (Mi Amor)
THE SCHOOL - Every Day
BECK - Loser
THE FIVE SATINS - In The Still Of The Night 
LOS BONSÁIS - Después De Todo ...
JAN AUGUST - El Cumbanchero
BOOK OF LOVE - You Make Me Feel So Good (Flutter Mix)
THE SCHOOL - Put Your Hand In Mine
ELVIS PRESLEY - Burning Love
TIM TEN YEN - When The Song Applies To You
LAS MOSQUITAS - Tu Seras Mi Baby
You can see pictures and read more about the ElefantUK Party here.

Friday 2 October 2015

Love Action's Friday Fix - 2.October.2015

Love Action's Friday Fix - 
Do you feel that? The chill in the air? The evenings turning darker and darker? A howl down the road? It must be October... and with that comes the spooky sounds of Halloween, one of my favourite holidays. What better way to celebrate than with some Friday tunes tinged with a side of creepy crawly tricks and treats.

On the show this month
Light from a Dead Star - Lush
Cementerio - Los Saicos
Mr. Devil - The Arrogants
Haunted - The Madmen
Jam At The Mortuary - Griz Green

Hope in Hell - Oh! Gun Quit
The Strange Ghost - The Pastel Six
You're the Victim - Archie and The Bunkers
What Can I Do? - The Black Belles
1-2-5 - The Haunted
Dead Disco - Metric
Toward The Ghost - BRAHMS
When I'm Dead - The Dead Heads

Dead Bodies - Air
Seance On A Wet Afternoon - Girls Names
Dead Seas - Sea Pinks
Dead Man's Fall - Stevie Jackson
The Haunted House - The New Mayfair Orchestra
Cemetry Gates - The Smiths

Plus the spooky background sounds of Air and Ghost Song...

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Tuesday 15 September 2015

The Hackney, Kansas Radio Hour 15.September.2015
Jenny Lewis - Just One of the Guys
Nohelani Cypriano - Lihue
Blur - Boys and Girls
Lee Ritenour - Is It You?
George Benson - Breezin' 
Ralfe Band - Women of Japan
Julia Holter - Feel You
John Moreland - Gospel
Courtney Barnett - Avant Gardener
Piney Gir - Funeral Home
Father John Misty - Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)
Pino D'Angio - Ma Quale Idea
John Cage 4'33"

Sunday 13 September 2015

Love Action's Friday Fix - 11.September.2015

Love Action's Friday Fix - 
Your monthly does of music to give you that Friday feeling. Apologies once again for being a week late due to technical issues, but I've got a feeling that the tunes will quickly put that out of your mind. Enjoy!

On the show this month
The Night - Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
Memory Glands - Expert Alterations
Chance Meeting - Josef K
Rip It Up - Orange Juice
Boredom - Buzzcocks

So Alone - Ty Segall
Cheap Perfume - Bare Wires
Wait - Hornet Leg
A Hunger Artist - Girls Names
Dumb Waiters - Psychedelic Furs
Totally Wired - The Fall
Geographic - Cheatahs
What You Want - My Bloody Valentine

Night Chills - So Many Wizards
If You Could - Twin Cabins
My Baby - Beach Party
Stolen Skull - Teardrop Factory

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Thursday 3 September 2015

Filmic September Playlist

Theme from Ant-Man/Christophe Beck/Ant-Man
Take A Chance-Main Title/Luis Bacalov/Rebus
Les Choristes/Brono Coulais/Les Choristes
First Day Of Schools/Mucahle Giacchino/Inside Out
Audience With the Prime Minister/Joe Kraemer/Mission Impossible Rogue Nation
Accident/Johnny Dankworth/Accident
Carry me Home/Joseph Trapanese-Sohn/Insurgent
Escape From The Planet of the Apes-Main Titles & Shopping Spree-
Jerry Goldsmith/Escape From The Planet of the Apes
The Wedding/James Newton Howard/Restoration
Soloman Lane/Joe Kraemer/M.I. Rougue Nation
His Name is Napolean Solo/Daniel Pemberton/The Main From Uncle
Coming Up Roses/Danielle Brisebois & Glen Hansard & Keira Knightley/Begin Again
Airport Main Title/Alfred Newman/Airport
Breaking In [Searching The Factory]Daniel Pemberton/The Man From Uncle
Centipede/Henry Jackman/Pixels
Tower Heist-Main Theme/Christophe Beck/Tower Heist
New York/Alfred Newman/How To Marry A Millionaire


Monday 31 August 2015

EUREKA CALIFORNIA serve time in The RadioNowhere Vinyl Dungeon
The RadioNowhere Vinyl Dungeon
special guests: EUREKA CALIFORNIA

THE SISTERS OF MERCY - First And Last And Always
RED SOVINE - I Know You're Married, But I Love You Still
A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS - Space Age Love Song
CILLA BLACK - Yesterday
NEW ORDER - The Perfect Kiss
DUM DUM GIRLS - Coming Down
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Wednesday 19 August 2015

RadioNowhere at Elefant Party - 15.August.2015 - The Lexington, London, UK

Elefant Party - 15.August.2015 - The Lexington, London, UK
The School + Papa Topo +
Los Bonsáis 

Last Saturday we trekked down to the Lexington for the long-awaited Elefant UK Party, a celebration of great indie pop music and bands.

Los Bonsáis play the best clean songs

We had the pleasure of chatting to Nel and Helena early in the evening to find out what they’ve been up to and the plans for their new record which will be coming out early next year. For this, we attempted doing some simultaneous translation for the first time which resulted in a lot of giggling and bewilderment from everyone involved (hopefully to be edited before it reaches your ears - the interview will be broadcast soon on The Vinyl Dungeon - follow us on Twitter @vinyldungeon/@radionowhereuk for more details.) Later that evening, the Asturian band took to the stage to delight us with a set which included some great 'clean' songs, classics, material from their latest album Nordeste and a genius cover in Spanish of Part Time Punks by Television Personalities. We were also very excited to get copies of Temporal, the fanzine produced by Los Bonsáis which is dedicated to independent and alternative pop culture.

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Papa Topo showed the British how to boogie
We met the members of Papa Topo backstage for a quick catch-up just before the start of their set. The band captivated the British audience with their energy, catchy tunes and coordinated outfits. They played some of our favourites songs such as La Chica Vampira, Lo Que Me Gusta del Verano and Oso Panda. Their cover of the Spice Girls’ Wannabe had everyone singing along, but the highlight of the night was Julia teaching the audience the dance moves to Sangre en Los Zapatos and watching everyone across the venue joining in!

photo credit:

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photo credit:

The School performed the best half-naked headline set
After a confession from Liz about feeling half-naked without two of their band members (Fran and Kay), The School proceeded to mesmerize us with their songs, including some from their new album Wasting Away and Wondering which is due to launch on 4th September – make sure to keep an eye out for it. And for the grand finale, we had the entire Elefant family on stage for a massive sing-along and dance. 

photo credit:

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photo credit:

We want to thank Liz, Helena, Nel, Adrià, Sònia and everyone at Elefant Records for the music, the photos, the giggles and for sharing such a superb night with us!

~ Ana

Saturday 15 August 2015

Love Action's Friday Fix - 14.August.2015

Love Action's Friday Fix - 
Better late than never! Your monthly does of music to give you that Friday feeling. Apologies for being a week late, but hopefully the selection of tunes will more than make up for it.

On the show this month
Rocky Said - Dead Ghosts
Kiss Them For Me - Siouxsie & the Banshees
So Alive - Love and Rockets
Long Way Back - The Janitors
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards - Tame Impala

Memory Room - Crystal Stilts
Go Ahead - Brothers in Law
Arson Wells - Golden Triangle
Looter's Game - The People's Temple
Cold War - Autumns
You Can't Get It Right - Beverly
Barbarism Begins At Home - The Smiths
Souvlaki Space Station - Slowdive

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Thursday 30 July 2015

Filmic July 2015 Playlist
July's playlist includes a 4 track tribute to the late James Horner.

Eclisse Twist/Giovanni Fusco/L'Eclisse
Midsummer Waltz/David Arnold/The Stepford Wives
Agent Bradley Fine & Who Can I Trust/Theodore Shapiro & Ivy Levan/Spy
Main Title & AcArthur Park/James Newton Howard/Falling Down
At Maxin's/John Williams/How To Steal A Million
Fate and Hope/Lorne Balfe/Terminator Genisys
Main Title & Underground & Hail the Bomb/Leonard Roseman/Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Sunny's Tune/Ry Cooder/Johnny Handsome/
The Name of The Rose/ James Horner/The Name of The Rose
The Bioluminescence of the Night/James Horner/Avatar
Sneakers Theme/James Horner/Sneakers
The Drive Home/James Horner

ley at radionowhere dot org
Filmic is on Facebook & Twitter


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