Thursday 30 July 2015

Filmic July 2015 Playlist
July's playlist includes a 4 track tribute to the late James Horner.

Eclisse Twist/Giovanni Fusco/L'Eclisse
Midsummer Waltz/David Arnold/The Stepford Wives
Agent Bradley Fine & Who Can I Trust/Theodore Shapiro & Ivy Levan/Spy
Main Title & AcArthur Park/James Newton Howard/Falling Down
At Maxin's/John Williams/How To Steal A Million
Fate and Hope/Lorne Balfe/Terminator Genisys
Main Title & Underground & Hail the Bomb/Leonard Roseman/Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Sunny's Tune/Ry Cooder/Johnny Handsome/
The Name of The Rose/ James Horner/The Name of The Rose
The Bioluminescence of the Night/James Horner/Avatar
Sneakers Theme/James Horner/Sneakers
The Drive Home/James Horner

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Saturday 4 July 2015

Love Action's Friday Fix - 3.July.2015

Love Action's Friday Fix - 
3.July.2015 - Welcome Summer!
Welcome once again to an hour of music to put you in that Friday mood. Nothing puts me in a good mood like a fantastic Summer day. They can be rare where I live, so let's celebrate while we can.

On the show this month
Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
Time of the Season - The Zombies
Yellow Elevator #2 - The Black Angels
Swimming With Sharks - The Shivas
Straight - A Place To Bury Strangers

Get Lost - L.A. Witch
Straight Up and Down - The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Between Cans - Hinds
Night Swim - Frankie Rose
I Can't Stand It - The Velvet Underground
Dirty Back Road - The B52's
New Kind of Kick - The Cramps
Wishing He Was Dead - The Like
Kick-Back - The Buena Vista
Cool In The Pool - Holger Czukay
What You Want - Sheer Mag

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