Friday, 24 October 2014

Jessie Love Action at CMJ in NYC

Day 2, Wednesday 
We started our day lazily, having stayed out far too late the night before. Wandering around Brooklyn and drinking $8 juices. Our show that day was at the Kanine Records party at Pianos on the Lower East Side, so we headed there a bit early to catch Power Indie trio PAWS. (below) They were charming on stage and looked like they were having great fun. Their music is bouncy pop punk and the venue was rammed full of people trying to catch a glimpse. 

We played next and had a great time. We've gotten much more comfortable and didn't even stress much when we started one song wrong and had to stop a few bars in. It was a laugh. 

Flowers (below) were up next and they also charmed the crowd with their soaring simplicity and c-86 sounds. Indie pop glittering vocal loveliness.

The weather at this point took a turn for the worse, and Piano's frozen margaritas started to kick in, so we called it an early night to keep up our energy for more madness on Thursday.

Jessie x

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