Saturday, 25 October 2014

Jessie Love Action at CMJ - Day 3

CMJ Thursday Day 3

All of September Girls started our day having a very filling and incredibly cheap eggy and home-fries filled breakfast at a Puerto Rican Diner in Brooklyn. (below) 

We then headed off to the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn where Culture Collide and Dr. Martens were hosting a two-day band-filled event. We arrived in time to catch Canadian band, Port Juvee, (below) who sounded equal parts The Strokes and Dinosaur Jr. They bounced around the stage and looked like they were having a great time. I spoke to a few of them afterwards, and they were such nice dudes, happy to have just finished a good New York and CMJ stint, but not so happy about the 99 hour drive back to Ottowa that lay ahead of them.


We were up next, and had great fun on the big Knitting Factory Stage. 

After our set, Flowers were up again (you'll see this as a reoccurring theme) and once again their music soared in the large surroundings of the venue. 

Up next were Gringo Starr... A bunch of indie dudes with a true rock look that suited their alternative indie sound. The 90s are obviously back in full fashion, as once again it felt like I was listening to Dinosaur Jr. And that's not a bad thing. 

Hunters were on next and they were hard to describe. A bit 90s pop punk, like The Muffs or even Man or Astroman!?! Surf rock guitars and boy girl back & forth. Nice and loud and a front woman with moves like Brody Dalle. 

On to Friday!!

Jessie x

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