Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Jessie Love Action at CMJ - Day 5

CMJ Saturday - Day 5

Day 5 of CMJ was Saturday... and admittedly, after playing 3 gigs with September Girls, we were pretty burned out. The Brooklyn Vegan day showcase was on later that afternoon at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn, which was literally across the street from where we were staying, and the bands on offer promised a good show. However, myself and Caoimhe from the band decided to have a little day off for ourselves first. We headed to the East Village and found ourselves instead in the midst of the Halloween Dog Parage in Tompkins Square instead. 

After a spot of ridiculous dog watching and a refreshing mimosa we popped along to The Deep End Club, Tennessee Thomas' shop of wondrous wares. At this late stage in the trip all we could fit in our cases was some badges, but we left with them proudly in our biker jackets. We then wandered and shopped for hours, ate some delicious pizza in SoHo and realised the day had gone by and we had already missed Bo Ningen and Girlpool at the Brooklyn Vegan show. We hoofed it over the Williamsburg Bridge to try and catch The Fat White Family, expecting a massive impossible queue (certainly after our sxsw and Great Escape experiences). Amazingly, we made it in without bother, and even had a good view of the stage. The show was crowded, but not uncomfortable, and we knew from experience we didn't want to be at the front and covered in beer.

Fat White Family

As usual, The Fat White Family did not disappoint. Brash, sweaty, noisy garage rock from a bunch of lads who look like they need a good feed. They give the work shambolic a good name, with the singer jumping into the crowd, the bassist, without a guitar strap, pulling serious moves and holding his bass at the same time... and of course, all members of the band eventually stripping down to chest. Not a band for the faint hearted, but definitely an experience worth wading through.

And with that, we were too wrecked to find any more music despite there being a full evening left of showcases. An absolutely great few days of playing and listening to music, and much more accessible and (to sound cliché) real, compared to the sprawling sponsor-fest that sxsw seems to be. 

The #1s

A few honourable mentions should go to The #1s, our pals from Dublin, who also made the journey - they played loads of shows, many of them before CMJ officially started, including a great set at The Grand Victory on Monday night. Also, according to Sarah and Paula, who were at Baby's All Right on Thursday night, Bo Ningen and The Wytches were unbelievably good.

I'll be posting a few other photos from the week tomorrow.
x Jessie

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