Sunday, 9 March 2014

Vote For Your Favourite Album Side!

When I was a wee youngster our local AOR FM station had a feature called ‘The Perfect Album Side’, where they would play… you guessed it… an entire side of one LP.  In the days before Spotify and Soundcloud it was a great way to hear non-single tracks and I ended up buying loads of albums because of it. 

Since the launch of The RadioNowhere Vinyl Dungeon there have been so many albums and tracks I haven’t had time to fit in and I thought to myself it seems like the right time to resurrect this old format as well as being able to introduce all of you to some music you won’t hear anywhere else… well, it is RadioNowhere after all! 

Each month I will feature one album side, but I will also provide a selection that you might enjoy, giving you the opportunity to vote for your favourite.  RadioNowhere doesn’t believe in voting to hear great music – if it’s good you play it, simple as that – but this is designed to give you an opportunity to hear some tracks you may not have heard before.  So, all you need to do is drop by our blog and vote for your favourite and we will play your chosen album side with no interruptions and no censorship, and all from vinyl, the way it was intended to be heard!!

Yours always
The Vinyl DungeonMaster

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