Saturday, 15 March 2014

Jessie Love Action at SXSW (Day 5)

Jessie Ward - September Girl guitarist and host of Love Action’s Friday Fix here on RadioNowhere is keeping us up to date on her adventures at SXSW 2014! 

Day 5 Saturday
Saturday morning was grey and rainy, the complete opposite of the 80degrees and sunny we had on Tues. Feeling a bit burned out of downtown Austin, and with an acoustic session cancelled due to weather, all of September Girls instead went to brunch at a nearby Mexican Cantina. Scrambled egg platters with Mexican Chorizo, jerky, migas (little crispy fried tortillas) a along with home fries, refried beans and heaps of warm soft tortillas. All for the grand sum of $5. And did I mention the bottomless cup of coffee? Quite a difference to the over prices tourist spots downtown.

With a bit of time before the September Girls gig, I headed downtown to see what was left of the conference centre. It was practically a ghost town, with the final day nearing a close. Without much to look at, I headed off to Waterloo Cycles, near University of Texas, who were hosting an unofficial went in their tiny bike shop. I arrived in time to catch Cobalt Cranes from LA and their lovely dreamy pop.

September Girls were up next, and we had a great gig... Preferring more and more the tiny punk spots with no sound engineer and a basic setup. Our sound was also helped with the loan of Cobalt Cranes wonderful Fender Amps (thanks guys).

For a second we considered heading to Burger Records Burgermania III in Hotel Vegas, but the thoughts of heading back into the Zombie Apocalypse that is 6th Street made us want to eat our own hat.

Luckily, across the road from the bike shop was the fantastic bar/venue Spider House, which happened to be holding a party hosted by Panache Booking and Ty Segall. The atmosphere was cool, the drink was cheap, the food was great, and there were two stages with bands. It was a no brainer. Bands that stood out were Coachwhips (impossible to see but sounded lo-fi & great) Endless Bummer (surfy punk pop) and La Luz, a (dreamy pop).

The highlight however, was Ty Segall... And my favorite gig of the week. People were rammed up around the small outdoor stage, dancing and going nuts to try and catch a glimpse. There was moshing, there was stage diving, yet the crowd were at the same time respectful. Ty blasted through the set with energy and a casual air, asking the crowd what thy wanted to hear, and playing just that. Great stuff.

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