Thursday, 13 March 2014

Jessie Love Action at SXSW (Day 3)

Jessie Ward - September Girl guitarist and host of Love Action’s Friday Fix here on RadioNowhere is keeping us up to date on her adventures at SXSW 2014!

Day 3, Thursday We took it easy for the start of Thursday, knowing we had our first showcase that night so we didn't get to town until later in the afternoon. We headed to the venue, Hotel Vegas, which was the home that day for the Austin Psych Fest showcase. Hotel Vegas is a good bit East and a lot more dive-y and laid back compared to the heaving Mardi Gras atmosphere of downtown 6th St. The daytime party was in full swing, and we headed out to the back yard to catch The Black Lips. The band seemed in top form and they played to a decent crowd. At 9:30, September Girls took to the stage... From a performers point of view it's hard to say how it went. The crowd was at capacity but with only a short line check before the set, it took a few songs for the sound to level out correctly. Despite any difficulties, we really enjoyed it, happy to finally play. 

After our gig, we stuck around Hotel Vegas with PINS, catching Japanese psych rockers Bo Ningen, who were suitably noisy, Imarhan, with their unusual setup of Native American drums and noisy folk sound, and Mystic Braves, whose look very much matched their 60s throwback sound. All great stuff.

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