Friday, 11 January 2013

First Filmic Of the Year 2013

Happy New Year to Everyone!

A Day In the Life/Nathan Johnson/Looper
Time Machine/Nathan Johnson/Looper
Bless Me, Ulitima/Mark Kilian/Bless Me Ultima
White Light White Heat/Ralph Stanley/Lawless 
Prelude/Richard Rodney Bennett/Far From 
The Madding Crowd
Vision Of Escaflowne/Yoko Kanno/Escaflowne
Cutting and Doing/Orbital/Pusher
Opening Titles/Tom Tywker-Johnny Klimet-Reimhold Heil/
Cloud Atlas
Skinny Vegetarian Boy/Mychael Danna/Life Of Pi
Free As The Wind/Jerry Goldsmith/Papillon  
The Family/Fall On Your Sword/Nobody Walks
Drive To the Airport/Alexandre De Plat/Argo
Love Don't Live Here Anymore/Miles Gregory-Alan
Cummings/Any Day Now
Dutchman/John Barry/Dutchman
Overture/Lucas Vidal/Invader    

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