Sunday, 11 December 2011

Tim Ten Yen 10.December.2011

Tim Ten Yen's 'Hospital Half-hour' - 10/12/11

Mulu - 'Pussycat' (Francois Kervokian mix)
From the Dedicated Records CD single 'Pussycat'

Filipino Dream Girls - 'Santa Suit'
Original version released on Helen Llewelyn Product Nineteen

Underworld - 'Two Months Off'
From the JBO/V2 CD single 'Two Months Off'

Paul Hawkins & the Bleak Midwinters - 'Tonight I will be Santa'
From Darren Hayman's 'Christmas In Haworth' online advent calendar

Richard Hawley - 'Tonight the streets are ours'
From the Mute Records free sampler compilation - available here:

Ben Liebrand - 'The Eve Of The War'
From the CBS Record CD single 'The Eve Of The War'

The Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra - 'Feliz Navidad'
From the self-released CD EP 'A little bit wonderful'

High Contrast - 'Return Of Forever'
From the Hospital Records album 'True Colours'

Tim Ten Yen plays the front room of the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town
on Sunday 18th December - entry is FREE and TTY will be onstage at

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