Friday, 9 December 2011

John Barry: The Music/ Filmic Special

Thank you to everyone who contacted me with their favourite JB track!
Here is the track list for the show - all composed by John Barry unless otherwise shown.

Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang/Thunderball
Theme to the Third Man/Anton Karas
When The Saints Go Marching In/Traditional/ The John Barry Seven
Beat Girl Main Title
End Shot/Beat Girl
Hit and Miss
The Human Jungle/Bernard Ebbinghouse/[tv series]
007 Theme/Monty Norman/Dr No
Poor Me/Johnny Worth/Adam Faith
Zulu Main Theme/Zulu
Wagons Over/Zulu
Jazz Along Alone/The Ipcress File
The Ipcress File Theme
End Title The Knack
Wednesdays Child/The Quiller Memorandum
The Girl With The Sun In Her Hair/[tv commercial]
Thunderball/Tom Jones
From Russia With Love
Dawn Raid on Forth Knox/Goldfinger
Mountains & Sunsets/You Only Live Twice
Ski Chase/On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Capsule In Space/You Only Live Twice
Born Free/Matt Monro
Chinon/Eleanors Arrival/The Lion In Winter
The Last Valley Theme
The Persuaders/[tv series]
But Not Through My realm/Mary Queen of Scots
Mary's Theme/Mary Queen of Scots
Will You Walk A Little Faster/Lewis Carroll lyrics/Alice's
Adventures In Wonderland
The Black Hole Suite
Diamonds Are Forever/Shirley Bassey
Body Heat Main Title
Jagged Edge Suite
Out Of Africa Main Title
The John Dunbar Theme/Dances With Wolves
Ruby Cairo Opening Title
Smile/Charles Chaplin/Chaplin
The Heartlands/The Beyondness of Things
Midnight Cowboy

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