Friday, 13 September 2013

September 2013 Filmic Playlist

Track - Composer/Artist - Film
Arming Projectile/Ryan Amon/Elysium
You Said You's Do Anything/Ryan Amon/Elysium
Never Take Off the Mask/Hans Zimmer/The Lone Ranger
Can't Forget/Cliff Martinez/Only God Forgives
Main Theme Magnum Force/Lalo Schifrin/Magnum Force
High Hopes/Jimmy Van Heusen-Sammy Cahn-Frank Sinatra
Claty's Theme/Atli Ovarsson/Mortal Instruments City Of Bones
Vampires & Werewolves/Atli Ovarsson/Mortal Instruments City Of Bones
The Riders/Ry Cooder/The Long Riders
The Deal/John Debney/Jobs
Main Title/Duke Ellington/Anatomy Of A Murder
Here To Zero/Duke Ellington/Anatomy Of a Murder
Fight The Power/The Isley Brothers/The Heat
Shifting Gears/Lalo Schifrin/Bullitt
Green Light/Craig Armstrong/The Great Gatsby
Ride of the Cossacks/Franz Waxman/Taras Bulba

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