Friday, 1 February 2013

Love Action's Friday Fix
I tend to enjoy theme shows and retrospectives and this month's Fix is no exception. An hour-long look back at the iconic Manchester label Factory Records; from their very first musical release in 1978 to some of their very well-known, and perhaps a few lesser known, acts. Nearly in order of their release, and along with each FAC number, here's to your Factory Fix. 

On the show this month:

FAC 2:      Digital - Joy Division
FAC 5:      All Night Party - A Certain Ratio
FAC 6:      Electricity - OMD
FAC 12:    Time Goes By So Slow - Distractions
FAC 29:    I Wish I Could Speak Your Language - The Names
FAC 32:    Deaf - Crispy Ambulance
FAC 34:    You're No Good - ESG
FAC 57:    Island - Minny Pops
FAC 63:    Temptation - New Order
FAC 58:    Happy Ever After - Stockholm Monsters
FAC 78:    Fire So Close - James
FAC 88:    Talk About The Past - The Wake
FAC 176:  Tart Tart - Happy Mondays
FAC 162:  A Gentle Sound - Railway Children
FAC 257:  Getting Away With It - Electronic
FAC 19:     It's Hard To Be An Egg - John Dowie

Next month is March and time once again for my annual Irish music focus. If you have any suggestions or requests please feel free to get in touch:! and of course you can follow me on twitter at

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