Friday, 22 February 2013

Here comes the stork!

Why, Hello there RadioNowhere listener!  Lots of rumblings and rattlings happenin’ here at RNHQ to share with you.  The stork will be arriving with 3 bundles of joy this spring/summer for RN personalities, Jessie, Ruby and Rachel. Now, before you start pointing those fingers, the answer is NO! our Christopher had nothing to do with it as he has been safely locked up in the Vinyl Dungeon.  However this inevitably will mean that some of your favourite shows may be disappearing; for how long we cannot say.  In other news you may be wondering about the absence of our time travelling Jessica 6.  She is currently away in a distant star system doing a Masters degree.  She hasn’t forgotten about you, but that, and the fact her magic bubble car needs a new Flux Capacitor, means that she will not be delivering the same number of shows she used to. So please be patient, show these folks some love and respect and, HEY here’s a thought, why not maybe drop them a line to say thanks for all the great programmes they have provided you with, for free, over the last few years. 

RadioNowhere, as you know, exists through the help of you the listener and for us to continue we need your support.  I know you’ve heard this all before, but the reality is some of your favourite shows may never return due to funding, and to prevent any further programmes vanishing we need your assistance now more than ever.  We know that times are tough but even a donation of £1 is like a lottery win to us.  We here at RadioNowhere believe that music is a human right, but however passionately we feel about that, there is the very real fact that some people need to be paid.  From running costs to server fees, to website hosting, to royalties, etc., it is becoming increasingly expensive to stay on air. 

Does this mean RadioNowhere is about to sign off?  Who knows?  That all depends on you, the listener.  If you appreciate what we do then please let us know.  Tune in to our 24-hour streaming, send us an e-mail, a tweet, a donation... all these things would really make our day.  We’ve been helping artists and playing music you DEFINITELY DO NOT HEAR on any other station for over 10 years now, and to much acclaim, but perhaps the time has finally come to fade out the mics…what do you think?

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