Friday, 10 August 2012


Fantastic Four-Main Titles/John Ottman/Fantastic Four
Man For Me/Ennio Morricone/OK Connery
Jesus on the Mainline/Mr Airplane Man/Crazy Eyes
Meet Buck/John Powell/Ice Age 3-Dawn of the Dinosaurs
La Dolce Vita Finale/Nino Rota/La Dolce Vita
Dragon Boy/Jow Haisaishi/Spirited Away
Gotham's Reckining/Hans Zimmer/The Dark Knight Rising
Mary Poppins Overture/The Sherman Brothers/Mary Poppins
The Think Main Theme/Zombie Zombie-John Carpenter
Let's Make Love/Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - Marilyn Monroe & Frankie Vaughan/Let's Make Love
I Can't See Anymore/James Horner/The Amazing Spiderman
The James Bond Theme/Monty Norman/Dr No
Scrap Yard/Tangerine Dream/Thief

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