Thursday, 19 April 2012

Library Of Sound April 18th 2012

Remember when you used to buy an album on the strength of hearing one single that you couldn't stop listening to? And then discovered that the opening track of the album beat that very same single hands down? Well, Rachel's been reminiscing about albums that offered up opening tracks that made her ears tingle! If you've got some 'opening album track' favourites, we'd like to hear about them... email us
Now... here's what we played this month:

1. Beirut – The Gulag Orkestar
2. Three Blind Wolves – Echo on the Night Train
3. Tom Vek – C-C (You Set A Fire In Me)
4. Peter Broderick – Colin
5. Laura Gibson – Shadows On Parade
6. Bowerbirds – In The Yard
7. Joanna Newsom – Bridges and Balloons
8. Sennen – I Watched The End With You
9. Willy Mason – Gotta Keep Walking
10. Bravestation – Signs of the Civilised
11. Pete Roe – Oh Susannah

We'll be back in May (third Wednesday of the month)!

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