Friday, 13 April 2012

Filmic April 2012

Hello Popcorn Munchers! Here's my Playlist for April.

Track - Composer/s - Film:-
Enter The Dragon-Main Theme/Lalo Schfrin/Enter The Dragon
Hammer/Cliff Martinez/Drive

Mothers Last World To her Son/Washington Philips/WE Need To Talk About Kevin
Titanic/Sol Kaplan/Titanic/
A Night To Remember Main Title/William Alwyn/A Night To Remember
My Heart Will Go On/James Horner & Will Jennings/Titanic
The Good The Bad and The Ugly/Ennio Morricone/The Spaghetti Western Orchestra
Dance For Me, Wallis, Abel Korzeniowski/W.E.
Makin' Whoppee/Walter Donaldson & Gus Kahn/The Fabulous Baker Boys
Affected Cities/Cliff Martinez/Contagion
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel/Thomas Newman/The Best Exotic Hotel
Getting Acquainted/Jerry Goldsmith/The Sand Pebbles
The Sand Pebbles Main Theme/Jerry Goldsmith/The Sand Pebbles
Becoming A Geisha/John Williams & Yo Yo Ma & Itzhal Perlam/Memoirs Of a Geisha
The Titanic Uncovered/John Barry/Raise The Titanic
Eton Schoolyard/Conrad Pope/My Week With Marilyn

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