Friday, 9 March 2012

March Filmic 2012 Playlist

Here is my playlist for February's Filmic. As this year is the 50th Anniversary of the James Bond Films, I will be doing a 007 Filmic Special later this year. If you have any favourite 007 film moments or fave 007 music do let me know at


America/Stephen Sondheim & Leonard Bernstein/West Side Story

Sin City End Titles/John Debney-Graeme-Revell/Robert Rodriguez/Sin City

The Banjo Song/Seasick Steve/Jonah Hex

Harry's Wondrous World/John Williams/Harry Potter & the Sorcerers Stone

Noon/Eric Serra/Leon

Valley of the Dolls/Andre & Dory Previn/Valley of the Dolls

Crimson Gump/Alan Silvestri/Forest Gump

Rock Around The Clock/Max C Freedman & James E Myers/Bill Hayley & Comets/Blackboard Jungle

He's All Me Me Me/Hans Zimmer/Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows

Florida Fantasy/John BarryMidnight Cowboy

Soloman Vandy/James Newton/Howard/Blood Diamond

The Circus Sets Up/James Newton Howard/Water For Elephants

My Funny Valentine/Rogers & Hart/Matt Damon/The Talented Mr Ripley

Birth Of a Penguin Part 2/Danny Elfman/Batman Returns

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