Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Library Of Sound March 21st 2012

Library Of Sound March 21st 2012

Another third Wednesday of the month... it must be another Library Of Sound with Patrick and Rachel. This month Rachel has mostly been devouring the tunes of talented Irish women... and Paddy's been unearthing some new tunes that are so new they almost don't exist yet! So it's time to feast your ears...

1. Third Smoke - Dog Rough Dancing
2. Fast Years - Young Heart
3. Katie Kim - Something Growing
4. Lambchop - Gone Tomorrow
5. Wallis Bird - Meal of Convenience
6. Tom Williams and the Boat - My Bones
7. Amiina - In The Sun
8. The War on Drugs - Baby Missiles
9. Julie Feeney - Wind Out Of My Sails
10. S. Carey - In The Dirt
11. Virals - Comes The Night

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