Saturday, 14 January 2012

Lanterns on the Lake at the Cambridge Junction

Paddy and Rachel, Library Of Sound, headed out to see:
"We're used to playing noisy, dingy pubs, so it's very special for us to play a venue like this," Hazel Wilde, the golden-haired front woman of Lanterns on the Lake, shyly informed the reverently quiet Cambridge Junction audience.
A whoop of appreciation from the audience in reply before the band bowed their heads once more to launch into another song from their impressive debut album, Gracious Tide, Take Me Home (released on Bella Union in September 2011).
An exemplary lesson in how a cohesive band should work, the sextet switched between their smorgasbord of instruments with fluid ease, juggling vocal duties and time signatures expertly.
Formed in 2007, Lanterns on the Lake are as captivating to watch as they are to listen to, it's an experience to watch them being fully consumed by their unique fusion of folk melodies and electronic atmospherics... catch them as soon as you can.
For a list of upcoming live dates, go here
Stand out track of the night has to be the beautiful Keep On Trying... Enjoy

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