Saturday, 10 September 2011

Tim Ten Yen 10..September.2011

Tim Ten Yen's 'Hospital Half-hour'

The Fireballs - 'Vaquero'
From the Not Now Music album 'Surf's Comin''

Massive Attack - 'Fake the aroma'
From the Go Disc's album 'Help'

Ryuichi Sakamoto - 'Plastic Bamboo'
From the Decca Records album 'The thousand knives of...'

(with excerpts from Michael Morpurgo - 'Kensuke's Kingdom' read by Sir Derek Jacobi - Harper Collins)

Everything Everything - 'Photoshop Handsome'
From the Geffen Records album 'Man Alive'

Paul Simon - 'Duncan'
From the Warner Bros REcords album 'Paul Simon'

Pet Shop Boys - Email
From the Parlophone Records album 'Release'

Simon Bookish - 'Carbon'
From the Tom Lab Records album 'Everything/Everything'

MC Solaar - 'Clic clic'
From the Sentinel Quest Records album 'Chapitre 7'

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