Friday, 16 September 2011

The Doggone History of Country Music

Piney Gir was born in a thunderstorm in the middle of May in Kansas City, Kansas. It was tornado season, the sky was green and angry; in a bath of blood out she popped.

A Midwest preacher’s daughter she was; and she had the sheltered upbringing of a very good girl, but one could not escape the tear in my beer mutterings of Hank Williams at every truck stop, the piping of Patsy Cline through the isles of the grocery store after midnight and constant get rhythm of Johnny Cash on Grandma’s radio. Without even knowing it, Piney was hooked on country music.

When Piney uprooted and moved to London, England she discovered that she actually missed the country twang that she thought she was running away from, she missed it so much that she wrote a country song every time she got homesick. She looked to her country heroes for support, to cheer her up and give her a sense of natural habitat in a foreign land cue: Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Porter Wagoner, early Elvis Presley, The Carter Family, Wanda Jackson to site the tip of an iceburg.

Join Piney and RadioNowhere in exploring the Doggone History of Country Music from early Americana to now. We’ll be joined each show by our resident roady Andy Washington on his global on the road again adventures.

Tune in and listen up for quirky, country stylings to tease your ears and get stuck in your head; it’s a long strange, twang-riddled journey, put on your spurs and here we go!

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RMD said...

Looking forward to being part of this exploration. (though I'm more a Tour manager than roadie!). I"ll be in Nashville & Memphis for the 2nd show so will pick something musically appropriate.



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