Saturday, 23 July 2011

Ruby's Chicky Boil-Ups: Hobbies

Trainspotters - John Hegley
Homebrew Hooch - Ragtime Wranglers
Model Village - Penny Peeps
I Collect Snails - The Lovely Eggs
Pastiempos Poeticos - Ibon Errazkin
Take the Skinheads Bowling - Camper Van Beethoven
Percy Power - Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve
Since She Started to Ride – Jonathan Richman
Rambling Boy - The Carter Family
Outside Living – Flameproof Moth
Cool in the Pool - Holger Czukay
Mi Hobby Es Besar - La Sonora Matancera
Bells of Rhymney - Robyn Hitchcock
Crossword Puzzles – David Greenberger
Rubik's Cube - Agent Ribbons
The Butterfly Collector - The Jam

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