Friday, 15 July 2011

Filmic July 2011

Track title - Composer/performer - Movie

Furious Angels/Rob Dougan /The Matrix Reloaded

Heaven & Hell /The Wild Colonial/Conviction
Song For Jesse /Nick Cave & Warren Ellis /The Assassination of Jesse James
Cape Fear /Prelude Bernard Hermann / Cape Fear
Earth To Asgard / Patrick Doyle/ Thor
The Final Conflict-Main Title / Jerry Goldsmith /The Final Conflict Omen 3
Suite No1 for Solo-Cello in G Major / Johann Sebastian Bach / The Hunger
Supercalifragalisticexpealadocious / The Sherman Bros/Julie Mary Poppins
Andrews & Dick Van Dyke
The American-Main Title/ Herbert Gronemeyer/ The American
Remembering Chet/ John Barry / Playing By Heart
The Battle of Sterling / James Horner / Braveheart
Spritual High[State of Independence] / Vangels-Moodswings/ Single White Female

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