Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tim Ten Yen 10.November.2010

Tim Ten Yen

1. Secret track by unknown artist
From the 'Electio Pop' compilation
(Helen Llewelyn Product Nineteen)

2. Pet Shop Boys - 'Paninaro'
'Alternative' - compilation of Pet Shop Boys b-sides

3. Paul Hawkins - "Every word I say to you today will be a lie'
From the album 'Apologies for the enlightenment'.
(Jezus Factory)

4. Jim's Super Stereo World - '1st time caller (last time listener)'
From the album – ‘Jim’s Super Stereo World’
(Music Blitz)

5. Simon & Garfunkel - 'April Come She Will'
From the album "Sounds of Silence"
( Columbia )

6. Tim Ten Yen - 'Your Love Is All I want'
B-side of the 7" vinyl version of the single ‘Girl Number One’
(Fleet Street)

7. Winter Olympics - 'Feeling European'
From the 'Winter Olympics' EP.
(Office Rock)

8.Sandi Sheldon - 'You're gonna make me love you'
From the album 'The Best Northern Soul All Nighter... Ever'

9. 3 of a kind - 'Babycakes'
From the single ‘Babycakes’ (TTY says it was a number one last was actually in 2004. Keep up TTY - step to it and pay attention!)

10. Natalie Merchant & Billy Bragg - 'I was born'
From the album ' Mermaid Avenue vol.2' (NOTE: TTY incorrectly said this track was from Vol. 3. Silly TTY.)

11. Manu Negra - 'Out of time man'
From the album 'King of the Bongo'
(Virgin France S.A.)

12. Chris de Burgh - 'It's such a long way home'
From the album 'Crusader'

13. Stanley Odd - 'Gotta get out of bed'
From the album 'Oddio'

14. Jen Olive - 'Robot Boy'
From the album 'Warm Robot'
(Ape House)

15. William Orbit - 'Aquarium'
From the album 'Pieces in a modern style vol.2'

16. New Radicals - 'To Think I Thought'
B-side of the single 'You Get What You Give'

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