Thursday, 11 November 2010

A letter to the beautiful RadioNowhere listener

8 years ago today in Macclesfield, England, at around 9pm GMT a tiny underground station called RadioNowhere officially began transmission. Since that time we have seen many changes to the way people listen to radio and music in general. We are proud to say many of you share our vision and independent spirit as an honest to goodness alternative to the archaic and out-dated format that is commercial/corporate radio.

Thank you for supporting our brilliant presenters, who we are proud to say are real music lovers, not Z-list celebs, scenesters or out of touch DJs. We have resisted the temptation to have our station grow larger, but instead have insisted on (for lack of a better phrase) ‘keeping it real’. By doing this we are able to keep in contact with the most important aspect of why we exist - YOU the listener.

Since our launch in 2002 we have garnered the respect of artists, labels, and music lovers alike. They have found our approach to be admirable and courageous, but more importantly a valuable conduit to discovering music of astoundingly diverse tastes and styles amid a world obsessed with celebrity culture and bandwagon jumping. We promise to strive and continue to bring you music you won’t hear anywhere else. Not everyone will ‘get’ what RadioNowhere is about, but those that have, have taken us into their hearts and have become fiercely protective of us for being the station that doesn’t listen to the sound of its own voice, but actually listens to YOU!

Thank you for believing in us, for telling your friends about us, for helping to support us through your kind and generous donations, and most importantly, thank you for inviting us into your lives and for listening.

With love to you all

Bigif, Christopher, Jessica, Jessie, Judy, Ley, Patrick, Rachel, Ruby and Tim

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