Monday, 25 April 2016

Filmic Playlist April 2016

Prologue/Marco Beltrami/Seventh Son
Soviet Man & No Dames/Carter Burwell & Tatum Channing/Hail Ceasar
Now You Has Jazz/Cole Porter-Bing Crosby-Louis Armstrong/High Society
The Opening/Craig Armstrong & S.R.Rhaman/Elizabeth The Golden Age
Eddie Jumps 90m/Matthew Margeson/Eddie The Eagle
Earned It/Weeknd/Fifty Shades of Grey
Day of the Dead/Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL/Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice
Father & Son/Hans Zimmer/Kung Fu Panda3
Theme From The Molly Maguires [Pennsylvania 1876] - The Penny Whistle Jig - The
Molly's Strike [Main Title]/Henry Mancini/The Molly Maguires 
Welcome To Lunar Industries/Clint Mansell/Moon
Make The World Go Away/Hank Cochran/Legend
Celebrations/James Horner/The 33
Sylvette/Phillippe Jakko/Qui D'armour
Bond To new York/George Martin/Live and Let Die
Coronation/Marco Beltrami/Gods of Egypt

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