Saturday, 28 November 2015

Filmic Playlist November 2015

Kidnapped - Galleon Dog Fight/John Powell/Pan
Mix Me A Person/Adam Faith-John Worth/Mix Me A Person
The Child Part 1/Jed Kurzel/Macbeth
Ochoa Knose/Herbie Hancock/Death Wish
Miss Shepherd's Waltz/George Fenton/The Lady In The Van
Donna Lucia & Madeleine/Thomas Newman/Spectre
Serpico/Mikis Theodorakis/Serpico
It's Not Working & The Circus of the Machines 1[Overture]/Daniel Pemberton
Fantastic Four Prelude/Philip Glass & Marco Beltrami/The Fantastic Four
Spaghetti A Detroit - Corr/Fred Bongusto/The Tiger and The Pussycat
Investigating Mr Holmes & Hiroshima Station/Carter Burwell/Mr Holmes
Lonely Girl & Blues For Jean & Girl Talk/Neil Hefti & Jay Livington/Harlow
Momentum/Laurent Eyquem/Momentum
The Resignation/the Newton Brothers/The Runner
Better Look Me In the Eyes/Dan Romer/Beasts of No Nation
On The Roof & Smooth Hector/Peter McConnell/Grim Fandango Remastered

IMPORTANT: For the December show I want to feature what you think is your Favourite Soundtrack of the Year, so please let me have your thoughts!

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