Friday, 6 March 2015

Love Action's Irish Fix - 6.March.2015

Love Action's Friday Fix - 
6.March.2015 - Irish Extravaganza
Top of the morning, music fans! It's March, and that means that once again I bring you an hour's worth of Irish music that is coming from these Emerald Shores in recent times. They're all active and touring musicians, so be sure and check them out if you see them in a town near you. 

On the show this month
Seance of Light - Jape
Trash Club - O Emperor
Head Over Heels - Hot Sprockets
Different - The Academic
Matilda - Land Lovers

All Tvvins - Thank You
Sparks - Sleep Thieves
Blonde - Wonder Villians
Juniper - Neon Atlas
Grass Above My Head - Cian Nugent
Wide Awake - I Am The Cosmos
Seahorse (Bantum Remix) - Nanu Nanu
Dream State - Daithi
Twelves - Girl Band
Wolfstooth - Bitch Falcon
Butterflies - September Girls

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