Friday, 13 February 2015

Filmic Playlist February 2015


Here is this months playlist in order of track, composer, film.

The Ghost Land/Jo-Yeung Wook/Kundo: the Age of the Rampant
Big Eyes/Lana Del Ray & Dan Heath/Big Eyes
Dust and Dirt/Howard Shore/Rosewater
Manners Maketh Man/henry Jackman & Matthew Margeson/Kingsman: The Secret Service
Mille/Lalo Schifrin/Pussycat Pussycat I Love You
House Elections/Kathryn Bostic/Dear White People
Research & Development Combat/Jesper Kyd/Borderlands the Pre-Sequel
Main Theme & No Water/Jerry Goldsmith/Capricorn One
Elephant Ride/Danny Elfman/Big Top Pee Wee
Wuthering Heights Theme/Michel Legrand/Wuthering Heights
Erlangshen The 3 Eyed Warrior/The Monkey King/Christopher Young
Round 3/Aaron Zigman/Addicted
The Carey Treatment/Roy Budd/Roy Budd Rebirth of Budd/the Carey Treatment
River Crossing/Marco Beltrami/the Houseman
Main Title/Marvin Hamlisch/D.A.R.Y.L
Yaiba Main theme/Grant Kirkhope/Yaiba: Nimja Gaiden Z

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