Thursday, 13 November 2014


Track-Composer/Artist - Film
Ecstacy of Gold/Gustavo Santaolaya
New Anzania/Paul Hepker/Kite
The Little Fire Engine/Gary Newman & Gary Newman/From Inside
The Idol/Johnny Dankworth/The Idol
The Scavangers/Mario Marionelli/The Boxtrolls
Opening Titles/John Barry/Mr Moses
Opening Titles/Lucio Godoy & Federico Jusid/La Vida Inesperado
Entracte - Menu - Tutorial & Elegant Suite/Bart Dellissen/Bouden
Our Man Flint & Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone/Jerry Goldsmith/Our Man Flint
Odin, Dva, Tri, Kick/Jerry Goldsmith/In Like Flint
Lift/Robert Coudert/Horms
Hostage Crisis/Graeme Revell/The Negotiator
Move Over Darling/Joe Lubin & Hal Kanter & Terry Melcher & Doris Day/Move Over Darling
Cambridge 1963/Johan Johannsson/The Theory of Everything
Robot On Fire & Jacq Apologises/Zacarius de la Riva
Who Dares Wins/Roy Budd/The Final Option
Vanzatti Finfs A New Home & Vanzatti's Past/Nuno Malo/No God No Master
You're So Cool/Hans Zimmer/True Romance
Silent Movie March/John Morris/Silent Movie

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