Friday, 9 May 2014

May 2014 Filmic Playlist
20th Century Fox Fanfare Samba/John Powell/Rio2
Opening/John Debney/Draft Day
Lollipops Are Bad For Your Teeth/John Powell Rio2
Sailors Chorus/Johnny Mandell/the Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming
Andrew Void/Mica Levi/Under The Skin
Main Theme/Andrew Newman/Nevada Smith
I'm Electro & My Enemy/Hans Zimmer, Johnny Marr, Pharrel Williams
The Mystics Dream/Rahman Altin/The Butterfly's Dream
Sahara Stone/Quincy Jones/the Hot Rock
Painting Montage/Marcelo Zarvos/the Face of Love
Main Title & Just Coffee/Lalo Schifrin/Bullitt
Dying For A Drop Of Blood/Castlevania Lords of Shadow/Oscar Araujo
Viva Las Vegas/Elvis Presley,Doc Pomus & Mort Shuman/Viva Las Vegas
Buzz Saw Dynamo Attack/Harold Faltermeyer/The Running Man
Main Title & Biking/Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau/Better Living Through Chemistry
What's In the Bag/Tony Morales & Edward Rogers/The Bag man
The Dance of the Seven Veils/Charles Gerhadt/Salome
The Long Good Friday/Francis Monkman/The Long Good Friday
Fury/Henry Jackman/Capatin Americam the Winter Soldier  

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