Thursday, 9 January 2014

Filmic January Playlist 2014

A very Happy New Year to everyone. I plan to watch more films and listen to more soundtracks in 2014!
TRACK - COMPOSER/ARTIST - FILM Main Title/Hames Horner/The Pagemaster Battle For Columbial/Garry Schyman/Bioshock Infinite I See Fire/Ed Sheeran/The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug Jollification/Thomas Newman/Saving Mr Banks Young & Beautiful/Lana Del Ray & Rick Nowels/The Great Gatsby Birth/Alexandre Desplat/Philomena Learning To Read/John Williams/The Book Thief The Naked Camera/Herbie Hancock/BlowUp Vovalise/Wojciech/The Ninth Gate The Ice Planet/Jack Wall/The Lost Planet 3 The Lost Planet 3 Theme/Jack Wall/The Lost Planet 3 Prologue Ragnarok/Magnus Beite/Ragnorak Main Titles & King Henry's Arrival/Laurence Rosenthal/Becket Main Title/John Barry/The Lion In Winter Goodbye, Mr Chips/John Williams/Goodbye Mr Chips Overture/Maurice Jarre/Larwence of Arabia Main Title/Victor Reyes/Grand Piano Concerto 2nd Movement/Victor Reyes/Grand Piano Dinforths Jorse Arrive & Depart/John Barry/Zulu Main Theme-Isandhlwana1879/John Barry/Zulu Happy/Pharrell Williams/Despicable Me 2 Powerlines/Henrik Scram/Crestfallen Main Title/Basil Poledouris/Hunt for Red October Keep in touch with me at:

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