Thursday, 13 December 2012

The 007 Style Filmic Special Playlist

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the first James Bond film, here's my selection of 007 music showing the style of the worlds most favourite secret agent.

TRACK                       ARTIST                    

Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang John Barry
Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang John Barry/Dionne Warwick
The 007 Theme Monty Norman
Boy's Name Monty Norman
Main Theme John Barry
Gypsy Camp John Barry
You Only Live Twice John Barry/Nancy Sinatra
The Wedding John Barry
Main Theme John Barry
We Have All the Time In the World John Barry
Live & let Die Paul McCartnery/Wings
Sanchez is Dead/Shark Fishing  Michael Kaman
Welcome To Baku David Arnold
Ice Inc David Arnold
The End Of An Aston Martin David Arnold
Vesper David Arnold
Adrenaline Thomas Newman
The James Bond Theme Arnold/Paul Oakenfold

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