Sunday, 11 November 2012

Happy 10th Birthday RadioNowhere!

On a rather ordinary evening at around 9pm on 11.November 2002, a rather extraordinary, little radio station called RadioNowhere took to the airwaves. A decade has passed since that night and the world of music has changed more than anyone would have imagined.  We like to think the little station we launched helped open a few eyes and a whole lotta ears.  The aim of RadioNowhere was, and to this very day still is, to bring to you music you won’t hear anywhere else. 

What does that mean? It means we play artists who write really amazing songs that mainstream radio won’t touch and that hipsters are afraid to listen to because the bandwagon isn’t big enough yet.  We play little acts that just so happened to go on to become massive worldwide phenomena. We play records from artists who died many years ago and whose albums were consigned to charity shops and second hand record stores for all eternity.  We remember them, rescue those dusty pieces of vinyl, and proudly give them the airtime they always deserved. We play artists who never made it, but whose music was too good to be forgotten just because they never generated enough money for the greedy label that terminated their record contract.  We remember them.  We don’t make you vote to hear a great song, because frankly a good song should just be played and not voted for. Bands come and go.  Singers come and go.  The difference is we have the good sense to know that nothing is truly gone if you remember it.

RadioNowhere has been fortunate enough to have an amazing family of volunteers who have lovingly prepared radio programmes for you, the listener, in a way that no other station can or ever would.  They love every song they play and wish to pass on that passion to you, the listener.

RadioNowhere has and always will be for the individual – any person whose life is enhanced through the wonder of music.  Trends and fads in music come and go. We like to think RadioNowhere has transcended that and has been able to bring to you a listening experience that introduced you to a world of melodies that before 11 November 2002 was unthinkable.  It’s been a journey of love and joy through so many songs and we’re just so proud you were there to share it with us. wishes to thank those who have supported us above and beyond the call of duty over the last 10 years…

Angela Penhaligon
Asha Phelps
Charles Watson (Slow Club)
Christopher Laird
Dougal Wilson
Herick Moukodi
Jenny Leaman
Jessie Ward O’Sullivan
Joe Conry
John Rogers
Judy Neuhaus
Ley Bricknell
Liz Hunt & The School
Lobster Quadrille
Luis Calvo & Elefant Records
Mariola Fiedorczuk
Mark Pearson
Matt Thomas (The Joy Formidable)
Natalie Hudson & Team Indietracks
Nick Lowe
Patrick Burke
Peta Waddington
Polly Lauber
Rachel Devlin
Rebecca Taylor (Slow Club)
Ritzy Bryan (The Joy Formidable)
Rhydian Dafydd (The Joy Formidable)
Robyn Hitchcock
Ruby Wright
The Birmingham Post
The Boston Metro
The Guardian
The Lovers
The New York Times
Tim Hudson
Vanessa Contenay-Quinones
Victoria & Jacob
Violet Violet (RIP)


And, finally, a big thank you to all the artists, bands, labels, PR, and listeners who have supported us over the last 10 years.

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Maynard said...

To all the Radio Nowhere legends,

Thankyou for your ongoing shows, we love them in so many different places and moods.

I think the latest Christopher Laird show is only Part One.

What happened to our mild mannered mic man after college? How does he find the space for all that vinyl and cassettes?

AND where is that trumpet of his?

We'll be listening…



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