Thursday, 17 May 2012

Library Of Sound May 16th 2012

May's show was a joy to do thanks to Seamus Fogarty agreeing to let us bend his ear at the Camden Crawl 2012. Irish man Seamus was first up during the festival's Fence Collective showcase at the Earl of Camden, which made for a cosy venue for the session that also featured Library favourites such as Kid Canaveral and The Pictish Trail.
Mr Fogarty's debut album God Damn You Mountain is a triumph... and a real grower of a vinyl treat. We'd recommend it as an excellent addition to your collection - just £12 and for that you get the vinyl AND CD version. Generous man!

A lot of the songs that we played during the May show have some impressive videos, so we couldn't let the opportunity pass to point you in their direction... we're all about the one-take vids here in the Library... take a peek at:

Here's Seamus filmed by another Irish talent Myles O'Reilly, we've yet to see a video by Myles we don't like

Now, if we'd been able to play the Jim O'Rourke track it would have been like this

And then we also loved the one-shot brilliance of Laura Gibson's Milk-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed

Ok, ok, just one more vid... we had to link to the very clever homepage for some details about the project by Peter Broderick

What's that? You want one more one-shot?.... oh go on then... here's Hannah Cohen's Don't Say

Right, finally.... you've probably been looking for the show's track list.... here we go:

1. Interpol - Untitled
2. Peter Broderick -
3. Wolf Alice - Wednesday
4. Seamus Fogarty - Appletrees
5. Johnny Cash - Tennessee Stud
6. Jim O'Rourke - Ghost Ship In A Storm
7. Seamus Fogarty - By The Waterside
8. Hannah Cohen - Don't Say
9. Laura Gibson - Milk-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed
10. Sweet Lights - Are We Gonna Work It Out

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