Thursday, 9 February 2012

Filmic Feb 2012 Playlist


Victorious Titus/Elliot Goldenthall/Titus

Blue Yodel Number 3/Jummie Rodgers/That Evening Sun
Don't Blow It/Cliff Matinez/Solaris
You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two/Lionel Bart/Oliver!
Discord & Harmony/Thomas Newman/The Iron Lady
Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo/Tew Shepherd
Tony's Theme Georgia Moroder/Scarface
Seeding and Horse Versus Car/John Williams/War Horse
Real In Rio/ Sergio Mendes,John Powell,Carlinho Brown, Mikeal Rio Mutti, Siedah Garratt /Rio
Fatal Attraction Main Theme Maurice Jarre Fatal Attraction
Jazzy Bach/ Ben Charest/ The Triplets of Belleville
Captain America/ Alan Silvestri/ Captain America
On Her Majestys Secret Service/ John Barry/ On Her Majestys Secret Service
Opening Credits/ Michael McCann/ Deus-Ex Human Evolution
Icarus [Main Theme]/ Michael McCann/ Deus-Ex Human Evolution

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