Saturday, 14 May 2011

April Filmic 2011


He's A Pirate/Hans Zimmer/Original Soundtrack/Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Etude/Mike Olfield/Original Soundtrack/The Killing Fields
I've Seen It All/Björk/Sjon/Lars Von Trier/Thom Yorke/ Selmasongs/Dancing In The Dark
8 Minutes/Chris Bacon/Original Soundtrack/The Source Code
Thorpe Confronts Wolfingham/Erich Wolfgang Korngold/ Original Soundtrack/The Sea Hawk
Show Me How You Burlesque/Christina Aguilera/ C 'tricky' Stewart/ Claude Kelly/Original Soundtrack/Burlesque
She's Leaving The Bank/Ry Cooder/Original Soundtrack/Paris, Texas
Beowulf - Main Title/Alan Silvestri/Original Soundtrack/ Beowulf
Elmer Gantry - Main Title/Andre Previn/Original Soundtrack/Elmer Gantry
Peggy Sue's Homecoming/John Barry/Original Soundtrack/Peggy Sue Got Married
A Way In/Danny Elfman/Original Soundtrack/The Next 3 Days
Chariots of Fire/Vangelis/Candaian Bagpipes & American Brass/Original Soundtrack/Chariots of Fire
To Sir With Love/Mark London/Don Black/Lulu/Original Soundtrack/To Sir With Love
Carl's Fishing Net/James Newton /Original Soundtrack/ Snow Falling On Cedars
A Shot In The Dark/Henry Mancini/Legends - Henry Mancinci/A Shot In The Dark

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