Monday, 10 January 2011

Tim Ten Yen 10.January.2011
Tim Ten Yen

1. Was (not Was) - I feel better than James Brown.
From the Polygram, Fontana (UK) album 'Hello Dad I'm in Jail'

2. Miles Kane -
Inhaler Single on Columbia Records.
3. Sugar Ray -
Abracadabra From the Atlantic Records album '14:59'
4. Spearmint - Sweeping the nation Single on HitBack records
5. The Don Johnson Big Band -
Busy Relaxin'
From the Beat Back (Universal) album 'The Don Johnson Big Band'
6. Paul Hawkins -
Isopod (I can evolve) Free download available at:
7. The Romantics -
What I feel about you Single on Nemperor Records (EMI)
8. David Lee Roth -
Hot Dog And A Shake From the Warner Bros. album 'Skyscraper'

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