Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Library of Sound in New York

We wanted to provide a little photographic evidence of our trip to New York - there is no distance too great to travel for good music!
Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village, New York, and somehow... with our rather large heads... we've managed to obscure the guy with the djembe drum that we mentioned on the show. He's there though, honest. Washington Square Park has long been known as a beatnik hangout, made famous by the likes of Bob Dylan and Jack Kerouac...
and Radio Nowhere, of course.

Next stop Brooklyn, with a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge for our next link. We spent quite a while exploring Dumbo (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass), which was just a short hop from our next stop, Williamsburg and a trip...

... to the excellent Music Hall of Williamsburg. That's Patrick lurking by the front door and, just inside, we could hear Los Campesinos soundchecking for that night's show.

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